A New Tale from the Coffin… JoAnne Kendrick

Tales from the Coffin book two is out, and if you can tear yourself away from the smexy cover below…. you can indulge in a naughty ghost hunter tale set in York and integrated into Lucy and Estella’s story. It’s just $1.99 to buy! And you won’t believe the ending. Something tells me a certain character from this threesome will be back in a later coffin story 😉 oh, and watch for my future releases. I’ve a lot planned for this year! So far a book a month until August. But I’m sure I’ll be adding to that soon!

As Estella and Lucy’s story  unfolds a little more in each Tales from the Coffin book, I do recommend reading the series in order to get ‘the bigger picture’. But they can also be read as stand alones.

Book One: Strange and Beautiful

Book Two: All the Pretty Faces

Book Three: Bittersweet Symphony (coming August-ish)

Book Four: Treacle and Treason (coming Oct 26th)

More to follow.


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BOOK TWO, All the Pretty Faces
Estella is on edge. Why? The Bone Cruncher wants to collect his debt early. What’s a girl to do? Get her zombie lover to do her dirty work for her of course, while she entertains you with tea and a ghost hunter sandwich….
MidNight, a paranormal magazine show, transformed Lindsay from a jittery legal assistant into an almost famous TV presenter. Ghost hunting was the last job Lindsay ever expected to see herself doing, or loving. Best of all, the show had helped her face fears; the dark, and her own shadow. If only she could conquer Walker, too, her long time just-good-friends buddy.When her co-host Debra puts an offer of a threesome on the table after a live filming at York Castle Prison, Lindsay takes it into careful consideration. A menage with Walker and her nemesis will complete her confidence trip. But when things start going bump in the night, will three be a crowd?


Estella, Vampire Queen of the Rejected, strutted back and forth across the basement, her feet clad in lace-up Victorian ankle books. Once upon a time white, they were now scuffed and stained. The metal-tipped heels chipped at the aged floorboards as she shuffled like a tap dancer on speed. Her vampiric movements caused her raspberry-red hair to flap about like butterfly wings, disturbing the stale, dusty air.

“Keep this up, and our guest will think you’re one of Dracula’s Brides,” Lucy crooned, her Yorkshire accent as crass as her platinum hair.

She didn’t just go there, did she? Estella didn’t have time for a lovers’ tiff, because The Bone Cruncher was coming early. His energy drew closer, raw and dripping with testosterone.

The strange tingle of nerves in her stomach wasn’t her style. Had she succumbed to lusting after men again? Or was it plain old hunger? Must be the latter. She had a sexy bombshell to quench her desires of the flesh—albeit rotting zombie flesh—and she’d sworn herself off men since the whole stood-up-at-the-altar-by-Dracula thing two centuries ago.

“Lucy, be a dear and send him down here, would you?”

“Send who downstairs?” Footsteps from above. Heavy. Masculine. They drew the blonde’s glance upward, and she sniffed the air. Recognition hit her expression. “The Bone Cruncher? How did you do that?”

“Dearest, I’ve told you a million times. I’m clairvoyant.”

Lucy rolled her eyes in disbelief. But the joke was on her. One of the eyeballs got stuck, and she had to finger it back into the normal position.

Estella snorted. “Yes. Really. I taught the Fox Sisters all they know, erm, knew.”

Lucy raised an eyebrow to further display how unbelievable it all sounded all while keeping her sight dead ahead, obviously trying not to find herself in the buggy-eyed predicament again.

Estella tsked and waved her away. “Oh, quit acting up in front of our guest and go get the Bone Cruncher.”

“Fox Sisters indeed. Sounds about right. They were charlatans, too. Only got away with making people believe they could talk to the dead because Victorian folk were gullible as f**k.”

“Am I gullible, dear?”

“Too right you are. Left at the altar much?”

“For goodness sakes, do as you’re told.”

“Like a dog, do anything for a bone.”

Estella slapped her hands to her hips and turned her nose up to assert some authority, and to distract from any telltale excitement of the impending visit from a certain man. She hoped it didn’t mean her feelings toward her little deady bear were waning. “You’ll do well to remember your place, dear Lucy.”

“Where’s that? Ball and chained up?”

Estella’s eyes lit. How silly of me to think I could stop adoring her. “That could work.”

WANT TO LEARN MORE? Tales from the Coffin NEWS over on Paranormal Romantics [inspiration for how I went to the dark side with this series] and Pop Culture Divas [full excerpt from Strange and Beautiful]

COMING SOON from the Tales from the Coffin series
Tentative Release: August 2012
& Book Four, Treacle and Treason
a Guy Fawkes special due for release October 26th

 by JoAnne Kenrick


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