Independence Day, a Driver’s License, and Gray Hair

I knew this was coming. I’d only been hearing about it for about a year now. Yes, tomorrow is Independence Day, and I love the holiday and all it stands for, but this month, Eldest will be… driving! That kind of freedom I’m not sure I’m ready for.

She already has her driver’s permit to practice. She’s already taken the six-hour class. And now, I sit in front of the phone, staring at it, wondering when my brain and hand are going to speak to each other so I can call and schedule her drive time. Oh, my goodness! When did my six-year-old become old enough to drive a car?!

I’ve actually sat in the car with her already. She’s started it and driven to the entrance of our development. And then we do the switch-up for me to drive the rest of the way to wherever we’re going. I don’t know who’s more nervous about this whole endeavor, her or me.

Me, for obvious reasons: Oh my, God! I have to go out in real traffic with someone who knows nothing of driving a car? We’re gonna die!

Her, for obvious reasons: Oh my, God! I have to go out in real traffic with my mom and I know nothing about driving a car! We’re gonna die! 

The initial thrill and elation over receiving her permit has waned into a swell of under-enthusiasm. I can understand. This is the child that does not meet things head on. Nor does she dive into anything, rather she dabs her toe in tot est the waters. I know she can’t be that way for this next level of independence. She must greet it with gusto and confidence.

So, I sit here, ready to make that call. Ready to put my own confidence in a retired police officer for three hours, maybe more, in order to push my little bird out of the nest and onto our major roadways and highways. Roads where the posted speed limit is 65 and 75 miles per hour, but people usually go faster.

I just felt ten more gray hairs spring from my head. Really. Oh, dear Lord in heaven! I actually searched online for a Driver’s Prayer, fully thinking there wouldn’t be one. Well, I found a couple. There’s one for Christians and one for Jews, both pretty much say, God help me drive well and not kill anyone. And make sure no one kills me either.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. April London says:

    Awww *sniff sniff* …. Mama Bird has to give Baby Bird and little push sometimes….

    1. deenaremiel says:

      *sniff sniff* Yup, and take some Valium right after… o.O

  2. Mom/Bubbie says:

    Welcome to my world, Darling. No one ever said Motherhood was easy! However, its rewards are
    greater than its deficits. Somehow, all of us grow up to be full grown adults, in spite of ……
    Expect my call today so I can speak with you and the girls. Love to all of you and happy 4th.
    P.S. That was a really cool History lesson.

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Hey, Mom! LOL It sure isn’t! LOL And thanks about the History Lesson on my other post. 🙂 Happy Fourth! Talk to you later! Love you!

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