Olympics Takes on New Meaning

The family made a big deal out of the opening ceremonies last night. We ate dinner on snack trays while watching with the lights off. We oohed and ahhed, critiqued and applauded. And through it all, I thought about our experience from just a couple of weeks ago- the Junior Olympics National Championships. I asked Youngest how she felt marching in  as we watched the different nations march in, and she was all grins.

In the past, the kids’ interest in watching the Olympics has varied, but had been mostly indifference. Hubby and I’ve always loved watching them. The ceremonies always make me cry, as it did last night. I was surprised, therefore, by my kids as they expressed an interest in watching most of the events this year. I can’t help but think our own personal experience had something to do with the shift. This once in a lifetime event, I believe, has forever reshaped the meaning of the Olympics for us in a very special, personal way. Naturally, I’m thrilled.

When we returned from California, I shared some pictures and video on facebook. But I thought I’d put the videos here, in one place for posterity, for us all to see and enjoy!

These two videos show Youngest on the double-mini trampoline. She placed 3rd in her flight (group) and 12th in the nation.

These two videos show Youngest doing her power tumbling passes. She placed 2nd in her flight and 6th in the nation. Only .20 separated her from the 3rd place gymnast in the nation. Talk about fierce competition!

The irony is, that in tumbling, she started practicing passes three levels higher than what she competed. She is currently retired from the sport, opting to try cheerleading instead. It was the hardest decision for her to make. But this has been her life and she wants to see what else is out there. Who am I to say no? She can’t make  intelligent decisions without experience and knowledge. So here I am, basking in the glow of my daughter’s triumph, knowing years from now, she’ll think back and think the same…


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  1. Mom/Bubbie says:

    Hello my dear family. We watched the Olympics in awe as well and I commented how proud I am
    of Becca’s accomplishments. Love you, miss you, and look forward to Sept. to my visit.

  2. Jaxs says:

    The toughest thing we can do is support our kid’s decisions and hope it turns out in their favour! Good for you for permitting her to make that choice. The sign of a very effective parent. I cried watching the ceremonies and will cry more watching the Paralympics as my team goes without me. I just cannot shake this darn pneumonia I’ve picked up despite having a new central line put in again to dump in massive doses of antibiotics. No more swimming practices or wheelchair fencing or table tennis. This was probably going to be my last chance to participate 😦 given my age. Such is life. I should write a book about the impact of DUI on the person whose life you destroy. But we both know, those who drink & drive, always think they are fine and it’s the other drunks. PS. Did you enjoy my trashing by your friends! You know of course I don’t believe in piracy of any kind in any field ebook, video even medical, although folks refuse to see that nurses who lose their hotline jobs because people use websites, have also lost because of Internet piracy of their work. It takes an intelligent person to see that theft is theft and it occurs in all shapes and forms. This new emerging field of self-pub ebooks needs to become self- governed to start weeding out the problems that annoy most average readers who are not pirates yet want a well edited novel. Thanks for listening and I am sure that your youngest will excel at whatever she chooses to be if she has the parental support like yours!

    1. deenaremiel says:

      I’m so sorry you won’t be able to attend. I can tell how disappointed you are just by your words. 😦 As for the other part… I choose to stay out of verbal sparring online. It leads to bad behavior, as you witnessed. But this post is about my daughter’s triumphs and making choices to experience her life to the fullest, so that’s what I’m going to stay focused on. Praying you get well at last and enjoy watching the Olympics! 🙂

  3. Ruth says:

    Interesting how your experience enriched and added a new dimension to an all ready memorable experience. I still smile over the Queen playing her part with James Bond. When I grow old, I want to be like her.

    1. deenaremiel says:

      We were hysterical during that part of the show. 🙂

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