One word… FUN!

Yesterday’s book signing was only the second solo venture of mine at a book store. What a different experience it is to be alone, to know that whoever’s there, is there for you.  Now, everyday when I go to work, the same thing happens,only I’m assured at least 30 people will occupy the seats and will be my rapt audience for 68 minutes, four times a day. Yes, I’m talking about the classes I teach.

That is how I tried to approach yesterday. I know how to stand alone before people and speak. LOTS of people. I’ve given tons of workshops for teachers and the aspiring writer. I’ve facilitated countless meetings.  But not knowing if anyone would show up, and having people walk into a book store knowing that what I say and how I present it will be judged and a sale determined by that is a bit nerve-wracking! Commence the  nail-biting and butterflies fluttering in the belly!

But in the end, it all worked out beautifully. Friends surprised me, and other friends and fans showed up, staying for nearly the entire 3- hour time slot! After a few minutes, I fell into my rhythm. Relying on my 20+ years standing before an audience. I answered terrific questions, did a couple of readings, gave away a prize, and I sold books! It was wonderful. I can’t wait to do another one. 

This is where YOU, my friends and fans come in. Barnes and Noble is out of the question for me. They are snobbish towards Print on Demand, which is how my books are produced. Well, I can be snobby right back and say that I’m not interested in doing book signings there anyway. I AM interested in doing MORE, though. Independent book sellers are my friends. So if you have an independent book seller – new or used- tell me here! Give me a phone number or address to make contact. I would love to do a tour of some kind during the summer, if it’s within a 5 hour drive from where I live… AZ. 

To see the photos of The Book Maze Event, click here…



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  1. Shelly Anisman says:

    I’m so proud of you Deena. I’m part of your “best fan” group.



    1. deenaremiel says:

      Thanks so much, Mom! 😀 Luv ya, too!

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