Mother Nature Takes Cue from Science Fiction…

They say art imitates life. They also say life can be stranger than fiction. Mother Nature took these two clichés and mashed them up big time this week. In scenes that seemed straight out of our Science Fiction movies, newscasters and meteorologists poured over weather models, predicting and analyzing a series of impending weather systems that would meet each other head on. And they did this before our eyes, preparing us for an historic and horrific event. A superstorm of monumental proportions would develop when Hurricane Sandy, along the east coast, and a cold front from the west would converge. 

Over the course of the weekend and into the beginning of the week, we all witnessed, in varying degrees of proximity, the devastating power of a storm which we used to think could only be found in the movies. And now, in the aftermath, we are left with raw emotions, and homes and livelihoods reduced to rubble. A significant portion of this country’s coastline has been stripped of its former identity. As the shock wears off, the resiliency of our friends and families rises to the surface and shows the rest of the world what fortitude means. 

In the days ahead, we must remember that the people we reach out to for emergency help are people, too. Not immortals, not superhuman, and they don’t use magic to fix things. They have families and friends they have to leave behind in the same conditions as others to get power running, to get roads cleared and rebuilt, to return people’s lives to what they once were. Facebook is now loaded with pictures of what a clean up task we have before us. I offer you pictures of what was and hopefully what will be again…

Hoboken, NJ:                                      Long Beach Island, NY:

Hoboken, New Jersey, United States.  LONG BEACH NY LONG BEACH NEW YORK Surfing Labo...

Point Pleasant, NJ:                                                

Ticket Booth


Atlantic City, NJ:

Steel Pier off the Boardwalk; Atlantic City, NJ
Steel Pier off the Boardwalk; Atlantic City, NJ (Photo credit: j klo)

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