Weekend or… 2 Day FREE vacation

Boy, oh boy, it’s been stressful since coming back from surgery! It doesn’t take much to stress me out these days. But I have a secret that keeps the stress levels from going through a meltdown. Instead of looking at Saturday and Sunday as the weekend, I call it a 2-DAY VACATION.

Just think about it. Let the words roll around your brain for a moment. Are you fed up with work right now? Can’t stand your co-workers? Don’t worry! You have a 2-DAY VACATION coming up! You see? Doesn’t that sound better? Doesn’t that make you FEEL better?  Oh, come on… you know it does. Nothing sounds better than a vacation.

I’m about to start my 2-day vacation, and I feel glorious! I’ve gotta meeting to go to with my wonderful friends and then another favorite- a crap-load of writing to do…

Okay. I know it’s just the weekend and I’m deluding myself with this vacation business, but I just can’t face another plain old WEEKEND! I need me some VACA! So delusion, hit me! Make the real world just an aside to my time off.

You know what I’m gonna do? I’m going to tell everyone I meet over the next couple of days that I get 2 day vacations every week! Let’s see if it catches on. Who knows… maybe we can start something groovy.



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  1. It’s all in your perspective. 😀

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