Have a little DEMON with your ICE cream…


DEMON A LA MODE has officially released and is awaiting your eager hands. Surprises abound in the latest installment of The Book Waitress Series…

Camille Dutton thinks she can save the world. But a rogue ice demon has no intention of letting her. At least not the way she’s planned. Forced to hide out from Satan, they find much in common even though they couldn’t be more different. Sparks fly as an undeniable force draws them together and they find out just how necessary he is to Camille’s life.

Complications abound as they return to her home. Derek and friends are none too pleased with the new addition to their group. With Hell’s portal opened, and beasties passing through every day, there isn’t time to soothe emotions. Can the ice demon be trusted? Will this fragile group of vigilantes fall to pieces, allowing Satan to gain control over the world? Or will they rise up stronger and with new resolve?


Derek threw sanity out the window and raced over to the well. He leaned over to see where Camille had fallen, since he heard no splash of water. Maybe she’d had second thoughts, grabbed the side of the well, and was somehow hanging on. There was no sign of her. “Damn it! Camille!”

A thick, braided rope lay beside the well. He looked around, and a tree wasn’t too far. So he grabbed one end and tied it to the trunk, then threw the other end down the well. As he lowered himself down, hand under hand, he prayed he wasn’t too late. Painstakingly he looked around the ever darkening space, but still couldn’t find her anywhere. His feet splashed the surface of the water, and still he continued downward. The rope ran out about a foot above it, and he let go.

Diving over and over, deeper and deeper, he waved his hands through the murky liquid, feeling around for her body. She was nowhere to be found. Reluctant, freezing, and exhausted, he grabbed hold of the length of rope. But he’d seen her jump in! He knew he did. She isn’t up above. She isn’t down here. Where the hell did she…? Could she really have gone to…Hell? If so, how could he get there and bring her back? He slapped at the water, frustrated and angry with himself for not stopping her before she leapt. What would be his next steps for a rescue?

With every grab he made on the rope to pull himself up, he thought of the myriad of repercussions that could occur now that she’d sacrificed herself to Satan. He didn’t believe for one moment that what she’d done would keep Satan away from this world. His power and influence shielded her from the truth, he was sure. Oh, no. Satan wouldn’t leave them alone just because she agreed to go to him. As he reached an arm over the ledge to hoist himself up and over, he wondered exactly what to expect. Hell on Earth, he supposed.


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7 Comments Add yours

  1. Nicole Garcia says:

    I purchased it this morning:) Love the cover and can’t wait to read it. It sounds really good. I never read a demon book before. Mostly vampire paranormal. But looking for a change of pace and can’t wait to get started on this series:) How do I show my proof of purchase to enter this really cool contest? Here is my email address: mngarcia325@gmail.com

  2. Have brought it and will be reading after my weekend of work … COngrads on another release love. Cant wait to see how thsi story pans out. 😉 Have posted my link on facebook for proof of purchase 😉

    1. Order Summary #D01-3904755-0030507

      1. deenaremiel says:

        Thanks so much, KAT! 😀

  3. Nicole Garcia says:

    Here is my proof of purchase Deena. Amazon.com order number: D01-2046480-4593753

  4. Bought it today- very excited- from amazon (Order Number: D01-2889889-5199721) Take care, sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

  5. Ionutzk says:

    very nice cover

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