The Book Waitress Serves Up An EXCERPT from her eBOX SET!



Here is a very special excerpt, never seen before, from the eBOX SET of The Book Waitress Series. I’m known to tease, so be prepared!

{Camille stood with her back to him, arms at her sides, head bent down toward the well. Her long, blonde curls swirled about her curvy, alabaster body, as the gusty wind ushered the last vestiges of rain clouds away.

He inched his way forward, hoping not to spook her. Somehow, he had to get her the hell down from there! As he closed the distance between them, he heard her speaking. Closer still and he heard, not the voice of the woman he knew, but a smaller, younger voice came through. Knowing he couldn’t possibly be to whom she spoke, he could only surmise it to be the Dark One, Satan.

“Why did you mark me? I want to know why you picked me.”

He heard no response to her question, but she seemed to and nodded. She turned slightly and walked around the well like a gymnast on a balance beam until she returned to her original position. Derek let out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d held.

“You saved me from drowning? I don’t remember that. I think my daddy saved me. I think he pulled me from the water.”

She paused again and whimpered.

You really saved me. So, this is my fault, because I belong to you now and I didn’t let you take me? I’ve been a bad girl. I’ve made you wait a long time. If I go with you, it will stop? No more people will be hurt? The portal will close forever?”

He couldn’t stand it any longer. What he’d heard drove him over the edge. “Camille, sweetheart, come down from the well, okay?”

He got no indication she’d heard him, and stood a good twenty feet away. It might as well have been a mile in his eyes.

“Camille,” he said a little more forcefully, trying his best to keep the panic from his voice. “Whatever he’s saying, don’t believe him. Don’t let him get to your heart and mind. He’s telling you lies. Come down from the well, back to me. I love you. Come to me.”

She didn’t move or acknowledge him. “It’s all my fault. I have to make it right. It’s the only way.”

“Don’t listen to him, damn it! Don’t let him in!” He couldn’t take it anymore. To hell with playing it safe. He figured, if he made a mad dash, he could grab her to safety.

Suddenly, she turned slightly toward him, glancing over her shoulder with the palest of faces. He smiled broadly, hoping that seeing him would bring her back to her senses. He waved his hands, beckoning her. A glistening tear trailed down her cheek, and as her sorrowful eyes pierced his soul, her ruby red lips mouthed the words, I’m sorry.

Abject terror grew like an aggressive tumor inside his heart. “No, no, no, no, no. Camille….”

 She twisted back to face the well, and lifted a foot over the black hole.}




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