Getting Ready to Split Myself in Two…


It’s that time of year again. The time when I transform, as a werewolf does at the full moon. I go from being a full-time author, to a full-time teacher AND full-time author. Yes, a new school year is but a blink away, and I shall once again do my very best to impart wisdom and life skills to the fresh faces entering sixth grade.

I used to say I was a part-time author during school, but that really wasn’t accurate. I spent as much time on my writing career as I did at teaching each year, so I’ve decided to own it. What’s got me super excited is that I’m at a new school, in a new classroom, teaching with new colleagues, AND I’ll be teaching a creative writing course all year! That’s right, students are going to learn the craft of writing a short story. I CAN’T WAIT!

At first, when I began my writing career, I thought, how on earth could I write so few words and have it be a good story? Well, three short stories later, and I now know how it’s possible. Writing short makes it a challenge to present a story that’s full-bodied, yet succinct; fast-paced, yet plausible. All of my short have succeeded very well in satisfying this criteria I’ve envisioned. GHOST OF A CHANCE and BURNING SAGE are great examples of fast-pace, concentrated emotions and plot line, and romance. 

My hope and dream for this new school year is that the children who enter my classroom, catch my enthusiasm for learning and passion for writing. Okay, I’d settle for them just being able to tolerate writing! I get to blend world history with teaching English this year, too. I did this once before and LOVED it. So, once again, there’s something to look forward to.

Some might ask, why change? Don’t you want your life to be stable and secure so you can focus on writing? Well, stable for me looks like an ever-changing landscape, where I can gather lots of new experiences and add them to my collection.  So I face this new school year with open arms, open heart, and open mind. 


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Anya Kelleye says:

    You are the best kind of teacher, Deena! I bet you are the kids’ favorite of all.

    1. deenaremiel says:

      And you are the sweetest, Anya! Thank you! ❤

  2. Shelly Anisman says:

    How lucky for the parents and children in the new school where you are currently employed.

    You’re the best!

    All my love,


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