I think a change…Will do you good… (Thanks Sheryl Crow!)


Boy oh boy, if there ever was a commercial for making a change in your life, HERE IT IS! For those of you who know me, I’m all about personal empowerment, being proactive, and being present in your life to read guiding signs. So when events occurred in my day job that led to less than ideal conditions, I decided A CHANGE WOULD DO ME GOOD. It was a bit on the traumatic side given the fact I’d been at this place for five years and had made great friends, but signs were blaring that it was time for me to move on.

Rather than CHANGE impacting me, I turned the tables and molded and shaped my own change. On very rare occasions, that can backfire against all of my best efforts, but THIS time, THIS time it was the BEST decision ever to make a change. I’m working my tail off and couldn’t be happier.

If you’re unhappy in your present situation, I encourage you to do some soul-searching and explore your options. Many times you’ll find, that although you may feel stuck, when you take a step back and look at what alternatives may be available to you, you’ll find something that works. I  initially was looking to do a complete career change. After exploring that option, I found it wasn’t a viable option and focused my energy on how I could improve where I worked. I realized I could change my location. Can you do a career change without negatively impacting your life or your family’s life? Or, can you transfer to a new location? Can you change a team you’re working on? Or, can you take smaller steps that will lead you to a positive change further down the road?

These questions can help shape the decisions you make to better your life. Questions lead to positive planning. Planning leads to positive change. I wish you well in making YOUR change. If you’d like to ask questions or further the discussion, please feel free…

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  1. Shelly Anisman says:

    Hi Deena, It is the dog days of summer here in Fla. Staying in Air Conditioning is the place to be. I guess you have the same thing going on in AZ. Just wanted to comment on your posts because I enjoy reading them and find them most intuitive and right on. How did you get so smart at such a young age? I’m proud of you and hope to be around to celebrate all of your achievements.

    I love you, Mom

  2. deenaremiel says:

    Thanks, Mom! It was all those psych classes in college! haha

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