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Happy Fragment Friday! Today’s fragment comes from my latest Brethren novel, ELIXXIR. Nathanael Hunt is a bounty hunter by day and a Brethren Warrior by night. He hunts down evil and metes out Brethren justice swiftly and permanently. But Nathanael’s got a serious problem that could end it all…

{He raised his sword and howled as Jerry scurried across the road, trying to get away from him. But Nathanael had other business to attend to and made quick work of his bounty, severing the man’s head from his body. The sword shimmered and absorbed the man’s blood. Nathanael shrieked from the pain and the pleasure of it all. His arms stretched up to the skies, and he shouted. “Ah! More…I need more!” He flew off to feed on the next loser of a bounty. “Lord, help me stop.”

Darkness slid neatly into the recesses of his mind as Satan paid him a visit. “I’m here for you. No one else is. Where’s your boss? The coward. Where’s your woman? Lying whore. Who’s always given you what you need? Me. And I can give you all that and more. Join me, and you can have all the power you desire.”

Evil taunted his soul and fueled his skewed thoughts. It massaged his addiction and his ego, but he couldn’t seem to jump the last hurdle necessary to become Satan’s angel forever. He could not kill for blood-sport.

“No! I will not yield!” He stumbled onward and took flight, needing the wind to rush around him and looking for the next fix. }



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