Paranormal Fragment Friday Blog Hop

This week’s paranormal fragment is from a favorite BRETHREN Novel of mine… RELIC!


He leaned back against the wall and stared at her, examined her, as if he was trying to gauge whether or not he should tell her, but he remained silent. She gave him her best I’ve-lost-all-patience-with-you look. He rubbed his whiskered cheeks with his hands and spoke.

“I’m an angel, Serena. I’m a Savior in the Brethren organization, Kemuel’s a Warrior, and we are immortal. The Brethren are here on earth to protect and save humans from evil, and fight if need be. So you see, you don’t have to worry about sparing my life from the assholes that are after you. They should be the ones counting the minutes left of their miserable lives.”

He stood back, saying nothing more, and watched.

“You’re kidding me, right?” She chuckled, raising one hand. “Now wait. Let me see if I’ve got all of this straight. A guy named Dr. Chappo wants to kidnap me because I look like some statue. There’s this thug, Bull, who wants me dead because I spurned his nauseating sexual advances, and then there’s you who saved me because you’re an angel, and that’s what you do.” She burst out laughing again, wincing and groaning while holding her sides.

He shuffled his feet back and forth and gave her a stilted smile.

“Oh, this is a hoot! I’ve got quite the soap opera going on here, don’t I, Raphael?” She tried to stifle another bout of laughter. “You’re not laughing with me. Why aren’t you laughing?”

And now, neither was she.

“Oh. I don’t feel so good. I hope you catch me before I….”


RelicFinalLarge[1] - Copy (5)



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  1. Great extract, truly gripping

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