Paranormal FRAGMENT FRIDAY has arrived!


This week’s fragment is from my first paranormal novel, TRINITY. We’re in the middle of the apocalyptic climax!

Emma tenderly and with resolve set Hannah away from her, turned to Namirha, and ordered harshly, “Get her out of here, now.”
With no more than a nod, Namirha grabbed Hannah and flashed her to his mountain dwelling
“No!” Agremon roared, running about frantically, and then he settled his gaze on Emma. “You! You planned this. I’ll kill you with my bare hands and take pleasure in tearing you apart limb from limb!”
He charged towards her, and before she could even think what to do next or flat out run, the Brethren arrived. And how they arrived astonished her. As if flying down from Heaven itself, she saw nine glowing men, with outstretched wings and swords raised in their mighty hands, descend upon the mesa. She thought they were truly magnificent to behold, this army of angels.
Emma dropped to the ground like a lead balloon, right on her behind, and stared in awe at the men. How different they all looked in their leather pants, muscles glistening from sweat, and their wings unfurled. Indestructible and unyielding, an impenetrable wall of immortal flesh now stood solidly before her. Agremon slowed to a stop. Emma gathered her wits, got up, and began searching for Michael. It didn’t take long, and his murderous expression gave her pause. He moved to her and stood protectively by her side.



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