Paranormal Fragment Friday! A Bit of Immortality…


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Today’s fragment comes from my latest paranormal series, LOVE AMONG THE RUINS. The first book contains two short stories, the first taking place in Santorini, the second taking place at Cliff Palace in Mesa Verde National Park. TODAY’S FRAGMENT is from the second story, IMMORTAL DANCE. ENJOY!



ImmortalDance{“Nobody knows this, my precious one. No one. But, it is your right to know. It is a part of your story. If I tell you, you must swear to never tell another soul.”  

“I promise.” 

“You must do more than that. You must understand that if you tell anyone, you will be banished from our village. It is that serious. Our very existence relies on secrecy. Only the chiefs of our tribe have known what I’m about to tell you.” 

“I understand. Please, tell me,” she urged. 

“Our day begins and our day ends and we grow older. It has done so, since the beginning of time. Our tribe, however, are the Chosen Ones, and we mark time differently than humans do. One of our days is equal to one of their moons. Today marks the Summer Solstice, and the space between our world and the human world has grown thin. Thin enough for someone to pass through to ours, and we to theirs. During this solstice week, time will move at the same rate on both sides of the wall. When the Solstice Week is over, the wall will thicken again, and we will go unnoticed until the next Solstice.” 

“So, in one sense we are mortal, and yet in another, we are immortal. That is quite a complicated dance.” Her mind exploded with possibilities.}



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