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{The second escaped convict had intended to get revenge on an ex-girlfriend who’d turned him into the police. Nathanael touched down right behind Jake Fremont as he took a container of gasoline from the bed of a presumably stolen pick-up truck. Looked like he was planning on torching the house in front of them. “Jake Fremont!” he whispered ominously in his ear, and then he flew behind a tree.

The guy jumped and spilled the gasoline on his pants. “Shit! What the fuck?” He turned around and around looking like a dog chasing his tail.

“Jake Fremont,” Nathanael taunted as he floated down before him, “you are hereby charged with two counts of murder and one count of being a stupid ass for thinking you could escape prison. You are hereby sentenced to Brethren justice. Any last words before you die, you worthless piece of scum?”

“I…I….” Jake stood frozen, and dropped the bottle on the ground.

“I…I….” The Warrior mocked him and unsheathed his sword, waving it about with flair. “I didn’t do it? Wrong. It was an accident? No, douchebag, thirty-five stab wounds isn’t an accident. Prepare to meet your new prison boyfriend: Satan. And tell him, you’re number three.”

Jake tried to flee. “You run like a sissy, Fremont!” He flew after him and cut him down mid-stride. The head rolled to the gutter as the rest of the body crumpled like a ragdoll.

“Clean up in Aisle Hell, please.” Nathanael let out a maniacal laugh and cried at the same time. “Ah!” He held his head and shook uncontrollably. The ecstasy of the kill collided with the pain of Satan’s choking grasp on him.}



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