TIME TO VOTE! Nathanael is up for MOST ALLURING ANGEL! Two YUMMY Excerpts!


Here’s our tortured angel, Nathanael…






{He raised his sword and howled as Jerry scurried across the road, trying to get away from him. But Nathanael had other business to attend to and made quick work of his bounty, severing the man’s head from his body. The sword shimmered and absorbed the man’s blood. Nathanael shrieked from the pain and the pleasure of it all. His arms stretched up to the skies, and he shouted. “Ah! More…I need more!” He flew off to feed on the next loser of a bounty. “Lord, help me stop.”

Darkness slid neatly into the recesses of his mind as Satan paid him a visit. “I’m here for you. No one else is. Where’s your boss? The coward. Where’s your woman? Lying whore. Who’s always given you what you need? Me. And I can give you all that and more. Join me, and you can have all the power you desire.”

Evil taunted his soul and fueled his skewed thoughts. It massaged his addiction and his ego, but he couldn’t seem to jump the last hurdle necessary to become Satan’s angel forever. He could not kill for blood-sport.

“No! I will not yield!” He stumbled onward and took flight, needing the wind to rush around him and looking for the next fix. }

Excerpt #2:

{Working out should have done him well, but instead, after talking with Joe, he bristled like a caged lion all over again. Two by two he took the stairs all the way up twenty-two flights. When he reached the door to his room, he slid the key in the lock and quietly opened the door. A shower was definitely called for at this point, so he entered the bathroom, stripped, and started the water running. When the steam enveloped the room, he stepped into the hot rain falling from the ceiling, closed his eyes, and wondered how long he’d been fooling himself. Every time he killed in the name of Brethren justice, Satan sneaked into his subconscious and tested his resolve, filling him with the sense of infinite power. And he reveled in it! But like a drug, the euphoria lingered only so long, and each time, it lessened in duration.
   Frustration overwhelmed him and he banged a fist against the shower wall, letting the steady stream pummel his already pounding head. Why had E.L. refused to help him? Hadn’t asking him what he should do months ago been enough proof that he wanted to stay Brethren? Did he have to test his resolve now as well?
   Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he saw the shower curtain undulate and heard the door click. Damn, he hadn’t heard it open!
   “Nate? Are you okay?” Callie’s voice slid seductively in between the pelting water music.
   He wasn’t.
   And he couldn’t lie. He wouldn’t. Not to her.
   “No, I’m not.”
   She moved the curtain aside, but he refused to turn around, choosing to remain leaning against the back wall. He sensed her step in behind him and rest a gentle hand on his back.
   “What are you doing?” His voice shook with restraint.
   “I’m here to see what’s wrong. Nathanael, tell me what’s wrong.”
   The insistent tone broke through his crumbling defenses. He reached behind him, grasped her hands, and pulled her close to wrap her body around his like a safety shroud. He held on, as though he would fall into an abyss otherwise.
   “Jesus!” As she spoke, she clutched him even tighter. “What can I do? Just tell me. What?”
   “Tell me I’m good.”
   He waited. The crashing of water against his shoulders filled the space meant to reassure him of his worth. Even should she reply so, would he believe? Satan had been messing with him for so long now, he didn’t believe in much of anything anymore.
   “Holy shit, Nate. You are! You’re all that is good and right in this world.”
   “No, no I’m not. You don’t know me. I don’t know me. Not anymore.”}


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