Start a Chain Reaction of Kindness… SHARE THIS BLOG POST

The other day at school we watched a video that so vividly and simply illustrates how EASY  and CONTAGIOUS it is to be nice to others. SO, I thought I’d issue a challenge to all my friends and fans out there. WATCH the video below. SHARE this post with one other person. ASK them to share it with one other person.  SPREAD the word. Tomorrow and the next day, find a way to do something nice for one another. 


I have noticed two things lately. One, that there’s been a slackening off of compassion and empathy lately. We have fallen back on looking inward instead of looking around us. Two, I’ve also seen a resurgence of heartless words and messages spoken by people who use the computer screen as a shield. What they’d never dare say to a person’s face, they say freely through the written word.  AS A WRITER, I cherish the words I write. EACH WORD is a blessing and considered sacred. Although others may not feel the same, I can appreciate that, but would expect human decency from, well… humans. This serves as a reminder that WORDS HURT. But, WORDS CAN LIFT US UP as well.

Choose your words carefully. Choose your actions carefully. Choose kindness always.



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