Arizona Dreamin’ Memories…



I can’t believe it! Arizona Dreamin’ 2014 is… OVER. We spent a year planning a weekend event, and like a Thanksgiving dinner that takes all day to make and is gone in 20 minutes, so too, has Arizona Dreamin’ come and gone in the blink of an eye. The planning was so much fun… the meetings with buddies, the sharing of ideas to make AD even stronger, the knowledge that our friends would be returning for more fun and frolic. 

Teaching how to craft dark moments at Buildin’ the Dream was so much fun and rewarding to have folks come up and thank me for helping them get “unstuck” or help them make their WIPs stronger. Book clubs at AD were a blast! Great questions, fun prizes, super people. The Broad’s Way entertainment rocked! The auction, high energy.

I’m not gonna get all mushy here. I’ll just say that Sunday is always the hardest day. When I returned home this year, I couldn’t stop crying through dinner. Why? Most of the attendees are my close friends who live all over the country. Saying goodbye felt like knives cutting through my heart over and over again. In fact, I ran away before I had to say goodbye to one of them. I just couldn’t bear it. The pain and sadness of goodbyes is worth it for the amount of fun and camaraderie that is packed into an Arizona Dreamin’ weekend.



Wanna see some fun pics of the events? Visit my facebook page and friend me! www.facebook.con/deena.remiel

Wanna experience Arizona Dreamin’ and/or Buildin’ the Dream  for yourself? I’d love to see you next year!



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