Goodbye to the Best Imaginary Friend, Drop Dead Fred…

I just found out that Rick Mayall passed away. I’m heartbroken. Why? He played a role I shall never, ever forget as long as I live- DRop Dead Fred. I remember when the movie, DROP DEAD FRED, first came out. I’d seen it at a drive-in double feature with Don’t Tell Momma The Babysitter’s Dead. For me, DDF is an iconic film. Deliciously quirky,  all out hilarity, and a healthy dose of tearjerker moments as our heroine learns about herself and takes a stand.

I never had an imaginary friend. I would’ve loved one like Drop Dead Fred. He’s gross, funny, hates parents and all manner of rules. More than that, he loves the kid, Elizabeth,  who imagines him. He takes care of her even while getting her into loads of trouble. As she grows older, he disappears, but returns when a traumatic event brings him back into her life. More dreadful incidents ensue, but it all is meant to help Elizabeth confront her submissive, passive self and finally grow up to stand tall against her witch of a mother and asshole of a husband for the sake of her true self.

So Drop Dead Fred is really gone. Forever. No matter what, he’s not coming back. Of course, there’s the movie on DVD, which I’m about to purchase, but the man who portrayed an imaginary friend to perfection has passed on. May he rest in peace and keep the angels upstairs in stitches with his crude jokes and fiendish  plots. 


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  1. cherylsds says:

    I LOVE DDF!!! My daughters love him too! How sad that he has passed on but he left us with some great memories 🙂 RIP Rick Mayall, you will be missed.

    1. deenaremiel says:

      My daughters loved him, too, as DDF. 😀

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