Remembering My Father

Here I sit, now 10 years passed, reading words I’d written years before. They still ring true, are still just as poignant, and serve to comfort me as I swim in melancholy.

Today marks nine years that my father has been gone. I shall admit it is a bit easier to deal with that knowledge, but not a whole lot. His absence in this physical world has left a void which no other can fill. And so, today I honor him with past posts: some thoughts about his passing and a poem

Dad, I celebrate you, I honor you, I remember you…

They Know in the End…

There is an afterlife. I know this to be true. How? My father as much as told me so before he passed on. I’d made my regular phone call to him at the nursing home in Florida on Friday, November 12, at ten in the morning. My students were at their special class, so it was my prep time and my principal had been so gracious as to let me use the school phone…

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  1. Home says:

    Deena, did you get my comment this morning? Mom

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. deenaremiel says:

      Nope. I’ll look through, but I don’t believe so…

    2. deenaremiel says:

      Nope, I definitely did not…

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