Realizing Your Dreams, June 2016

I remember it like it was yesterday. The Dreams Convention attendees were all gathered ’round, hugging, crying, and exclaiming how they must find a way to get together again, how they must go away for another weekend and write. A siren blared in my head, like a call to arms. I looked around at all those lovely people and shouted, “You want a retreat? I can give it to you!”


RYDream Logo

I know the joy of 5 years worth of writing retreats with my dearest friend, Kris Tualla. In fact, many of my books out right now were either created or finished during one of them! These getaways are so important, and have grown in importance over the years. They give me the opportunity to turn everything off and focus on getting my writing goals met.

There’s something about going away, leaving my home office, that triggers a massive amount of creativity and focus. I think it’s because I am acclimated to the environment at home and everything distracts me. In a new hotel room, it feels so very different that it centers me and ramps up the creative energy.

Now I have the opportunity to offer that kind of experience to others who need that same kind of jolt, change, and refocus, and I’m thrilled to do so. I have a few treats and surprises up my sleeve for my attendees, too! Know that if you decided to attend, or have JUST NOW decided to attend, you will be engaged in the writing process for however long YOU want to be and will find comfort and creative energy within a structure that’s just the right mixture of freedom and support.

My conference room doors are open from FRIDAY, June 17th, 10 am through SUNDAY, June 19th, 4 pm, and will never close during that time. THAT’S RIGHT! You can write whenever the spirit moves you, even if that means ALL NIGHT LONG.

Head on over to and click on the REALIZING YOUR DREAMS tab to register and secure your spot for an experience you will surely want to repeat year upon year.

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