It’s been a while. Can I offer you a contest?

Hello everyone! I know it’s been way too long since I’ve last posted anything here at my place. That could only mean a couple of things: I’ve been writing up the wazoo OR I’m inundated with new curriculum to learn OR I’m a Writer in Residence for the next three months OR all of the above. Of course, it’s ALL OF THE ABOVE

Having taken over the 7th and 8th Grade Gifted ELA classes this year, I’ve been buried in curriculum, data analysis, and getting to know my kids. Four days a week, you can find me in one of the Mesa Public Libraries, consulting with aspiring or established authors and giving free public workshops on the weekends. This will continue through the end of April. It has been a thrilling time, where after having spent all day with kids and writing/reading, I then get to do the same with adults. I LOVE IT! I’m working my dream!

I’ve also been engaged in exciting writing opportunities. I was a part of a Halloween Box Set, Haunting Savannah, (now, unavailable), for which I wrote a story called Forbidden Union. That story is undergoing expansion from novella to full-length novel.

I’m also working on another box set, THE SHADOW FILES, a paranormal suspense, 23-author, extravaganza. I feel so blessed by my writing circle of friends, who love my writing and think of me when great fun like this pops up. I am so lucky to be involved in this particular box set with many award-winning, USAT and NYT best selling authors. My learning curve, which had been a bit stagnant, has shot through the roof, making for exhilerating times. You know me, I love to teach and I love to learn!

Here’s the best part of this box set, if you’re a lover of all things paranormal and riddled with suspense… YOU CAN PRE-ORDER on BARNES & NOBLE, iTUNES, and KOBO! That’s right. It’ll be in your email come August.

*** I’m running a little contest for pre-orders. Are you game??? Simply purchase a book through the retailers listed below, and you can win different prizes. In all instances, you will need to post proof of purchase ON THIS BLOG POST in the comment section below. Winners will be announced on the thread below and contacted through email, so make sure I can reach you! ***


  1. Purchase a book at one retail site only, and you will be in the running to win a copy of the novella, FORBIDDEN UNION. (Not available anywhere!)
  2. Purchase a book at two retail sites, and you will be in the running to win a copy of the novella, FORBIDDEN UNION and FINDING LOST, a romantic suspense novella.
  3. Purchase a book at all three retail sites, and you will be in the running to win a copy of LOVE AMONG THE RUINS, an anthology for four PNR novellas.

Here are the links:

    NOOK                                iTUNES                              KOBO

Here’s what you’ll find inside… 28061129_10155749724748101_6928206012872000957_o


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  1. Glad to see your post. Busy is good I guess. Have fun & Enjoy. Lisa

  2. Deena Remiel says:

    Thanks! Busy is definitely good. 🙂

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