Just Another Day?

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I kissed my daughter goodbye yesterday morning, knowing what a monumental day it would be. It was the March For Our Lives rally, and she’d planned to attend. As I drove off to the library to teach, of all things, Memoir writing, I tried to imagine what the day would be like for her. What she’d glean from her experience marching with so many others, advocating for something so many believed in, meeting up with counter-protesters, praying that all remained safe throughout the day.  I even posited that one day, she would have a memoir of her own to write, or two since she also had organized a walk-out for her school just a few weeks prior.

I imagined her, walking side-by-side with her friends, signs in hand, shouting chants and slogans all the way to the state capitol. I was certain, as one by one the speeches were spoken in impassioned voices, she’d break down in tears and hug her friends. She’d come back somehow transformed even more than she’d already been through her high school experience. 

“It was great. Really great,” she said, nonchalantly. “Great speeches, oh and there was this one woman who dressed up like tRump in a prison suit. Then, we got into it with some tRump supporter lady who walked all through the marchers with her gun sticking out.” I saw the video my daughter had taken. That lady was crazy, walking through the way she did, spewing nonsense, but in my opinion, her gun gave her the bravado to do so. “Gotta go get ready. Going to Ms. Scott’s house. She wants to trade photos. Then, I’m going to a friend’s house for a party. I haven’t seen him in two years. I can’t wait!”

Wait, what? As she scurried off to shower, she left me baffled. Here I’d been, scouring the websites for the best coverage since 9 am, and was still scanning from one channel to the next at 5 pm to get whatever more there was to know. Didn’t she want to do the same? Didn’t she want to review the whole day over and over ad nauseum with me?!

Things like this don’t happen every day!

Ahhh, there’s the rub. NOW, they do. Because they must. And these teenagers have been doing it and going on with business as usual, too for the past 40 days. Welcome to the dawn of democracy. 

So, although it was far from an ordinary day for me, for my daughter and countless others who marched and rallied, it was just another day. And there will be more days just like it ahead until our youths are satisfied with the results of their efforts… change. And when the next day comes for us to rally, I will be marching right beside her.


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