Dreams Really Do Come True


Need I say more? Yes, I do need to say more. You see, I have worked so hard since the moment my thoughts hit the paper to become a USA Today Bestselling Author. But I was never alone. I had a village helping me all along the way. Besides my family managing around me, I had others managing me.

Decadent Publishing offered me my very first contracts for the Brethren Series. From that partnership, I learned so much about the craft and the business. I learned enough to create a series and self-publish it. That would become The Book Waitress. I had wonderful editors and cover artists who polished my words and brought my stories to great visual heights. DP also offered me my first group of writing friends, sisters, as it were. I have NEVER felt more love and appreciation than I have with my Decadent sisters. No competition, no jealousy, just pure joy at watching each other grow in our own success stories.

Image result for thank you Katalina Leon, a DP sister, has single-handedly altered the trajectory of my career. How? She invited me to join her in The Shadow Files boxed set adventure. I owe my newfound title to her and all the great women I’ve come to know, admire and care for: Our managers- Rebecca Hamilton, Monica Corwin, and Heather Marie Adkin. My co-authors- Jennifer Hilt Amanda Booloodian Tracy Goodwin Fiona Quinn Katalina Leon Kim Petersen Alyssa Breck Carly Fall Rosemary A Johns Natalie G Owens Kristin Ping Mary Abshire Jessica West Paris Brandon  Carlyle Labuschagne Fionn Jameson Maggie Carpenter Tricia Barr Ana Guzman Amir Lane

Boroughs Publishing Group offered me my next set of contracts for the Love Among the Ruins Series, a favorite of mine. Besides the phenomenal Michelle Klayman, whom I utterly adore, I met more stellar editors and fellow authors who broadened my circle of writing peers.

I can’t say enough about the crucial role we play for one another in this business. Confidantes, cheerleaders, motivators, and supporters all. This played itself out beautifully in The Shadow Files as authors banded together, linked arms, and wrote stories that are deserving of this honor.

So, what is next on my bucket list? Why, another USA Today listing OR NYT listing! I got me a great story I’m working on right now and an agent, Shannon Orso of Victress Literary, who’s eager to see it and sell it.

Hey, the sky’s the limit. I’ve been there. Looking forward to going back.

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  1. Congratulations! You deserve it!

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