Book News and I’m Back!

Hello old friends and new! It’s been more than a long while since I last posted here. Divorce, moving out, gathering life experiences, and the pandemic are all to blame for my stepping back from authorship and focusing on my day job: teaching. I moved from in-person to online and it has proven to be my greatest challenge yet. This summer, the universe decided it was time I wade back into my passion for writing and start creating again. I decided to listen to the universe and did just that.

I currently have three works in play at the moment, however, this post is about the first one and the coolest fiction anthology I am proud to be a part of: Flip the Trope: Romance Gone Wild, where we’ve flipped the romance trope on its head in twelve fantastic romance stories of varying heat levels. It is now ready for you to pre-order.

My story is called Damaged and the Damned, a fresh take on Beauty and Beast trope. It’s a sweet heat story, and one that has been called beautiful. Here’s a bit about it:

Moira’s spent the last eight years living a cursed life, away from family and friends, isolated for fear of killing those who would dare to look upon her. Despite her caretaker’s efforts, nothing has come close to breaking that curse. Liam’s on the dream vacation of his life, exploring ruined castles of Ireland. He hasn’t come alone, though, as memories of a brutal upbringing taunt him along the way. He’s damaged, and she’s damned, but together, they may just be what fairytales are made of.

Here are links to whichever platform you use to read:

Hugs and love,


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