Uncaged book 25, is my second contribution to the Black Hills Wolves series. Portrait of a Lone Wolf, book 7 was my first. I can’t say enough great things about this amazing series. I love all the books, and each of the authors has been a joy to work with. I have at least two more Black Hills Wolves books coming in early 2016. There will be some fun surprises too.

Uncaged, has a special place in my heart. It’s dedicated to my late sister Christy. I was fortunate enough to have Christy spend her last months in my home. During one of our most poignant conversations, she confessed, “I thought my life would have more romance.” She had a few intense relationships and lots of drama, but never a loving romance with someone who really cared. Within a day of her passing, I started writing Uncaged, determined to give Christy the protective, understanding hero she never had in real life. I created Mitchell for Christy, but I hope you’ll love him too, because we all deserve a hero who can love us as we are.

Blurb: Mitchell Waya was born to rage in a cage. Every time he competes in a mixed martial arts match, he brings two secret weapons to the ring—a raging heart and the blood of a wolf. When the beast within explodes, no man stands a chance. Scaling the heights of an international career, he’s not prepared for the tragedy and scandal that overtakes him.

At fourteen, Christy was abducted and abused by a brutal cult of survivalist. In a brave act of defiance, she attempts to escape but finds herself facing execution in a dark alley. When Mitchell appears from the shadows like an avenging angel to rescue her, she catches a glimpse of the protective wolf’s fury. They form a brief but intense bond but then Fate pushes them apart.

Four years pass. Fortunes change. Concerned about Mitchell’s welfare, Christy reaches out, but her kind deed puts her squarely in a killer’s sights, and only the courage of a wolf can save her.



“Gee!” he shouted over his shoulder. “Two cheeseburgers and fries.”

“No cheese on mine,” she added. “I’ll pay. I appreciate you taking the time to sit down with me.”

He shook his head. “Gee will put cheese on it anyway. In his mind, a hamburger comes with cheese. I’ve tried asking him to leave the cheese off mine, but he won’t do it. He’s an eccentric. I used to peel it away, now I just eat it.”


“The burgers are on me. I’ve got a tab here, and I rent a room upstairs.”

“Here?” She appeared scandalized. “You live above a pool hall? I figured you owned a trophy home somewhere nearby.”

Settling into his chair. “Nope.”

“This place looks rowdy. It must be hard to sleep.”

How could he explain the clack of pool cues and blaring music filtering through the floorboards were pleasant alternatives to the angry voice in his head telling him he was a worthless jerk. “I don’t mind.”

Drumming her fingertips on the table, she glanced around. “So, the Tex Wilkins story is true? You really are broke?”

“Disappointed? You sure don’t look like a gold digger.”

She didn’t skip a beat. A spark of compassion shone in her eyes. “You deserve better.”

Her words sounded convincing as if she did care. He took a long look at her. Even a half-dozen layers of frumpy clothes didn’t obliterate a graceful frame and hint of soft curves. Tons of wild auburn hair tumbled in waves around her face. Her lush lips sent conflicting messages. A new terror entered his thoughts. He half feared she might be one of the women he’d hooked up with on the circuit and long forgotten, or didn’t recognize minus the heavy glamor makeup. He hoped to God he’d never messed with anyone this young. “Have we met?”

She seemed anxious, almost breathless. Her lips parted. “Once.”

Panic set in. “I am so sorry if I did or said anything to hurt your feelings or mislead you. During a chunk of my life, everything moved so fast it became a blur. I’m not proud of my promiscuous behavior, but I can’t say I regret it either. If I—”

Her jaw dropped. “What are you talking about?”

He gulped. “Have we…the two of us…you know?”

Her cheeks flushed. “No! Absolutely not.”

“That’s a relief. I’d hate to forget someone like you.”

Turning her face, she stared at the wall. “I made a big mistake approaching you this way.”

He threw his hands in the air. “I told you not to come. Don’t pretend to be shocked. I thought you wanted a where-is-he-now interview. The more horrid stuff dug up about me the better, am I right?”

Uncaged releases August 21st 2015.









Bio: Katalina Leon


Katalina Leon is an artist and author who can’t commit to a single genre. Her favorite playgrounds are historical, Sci-fi, contemporary, and most of all paranormal realms. Katalina brings a sense of adventure and a touch of the mystical to erotic romance. She believes there’s a daring heroine inside every woman who wants to take a wild ride with a strong worthy hero.







Website: http://www.katalinaleon.com


 Twitter: @Katalina_Leon















A trip to Miami for a blind date—what could go wrong?

Violet Wilson is a book lover at heart. As a librarian she loves her job and quite frankly no one else, from her prospective, could do it better. The only downside for being such a voracious reader, she has a high expectation of men.

Violet needs to let her hair down, embrace life and have fun—something her best friend Kate is willing to help her with. After an afternoon lunch with her best friend, she is handed a plane ticket and a hotel reservation to Miami. However, there is a catch…her date.

Roman Carpino isn’t looking for love. He has his tattoo parlor, his friends and several different women whenever he needs or wants a companion. To him, his life is golden. But, given the chance to take a vacation on his friend’s dime, he relents. What he isn’t expecting however, is his date, Violet.

With a weekend to spend together, will they find what each desires most–or will a friendly gesture damage two lives forever?



“Roman.” She sighed. “You did this on purpose?”

He grinned. “What?”

“You purposely dressed like a god so I would drool all over you.” She swallowed hard, and her gaze caressed his arms and chest. Fuck, he’d never get used to or tired of the way she stared at him.

“I had to prove my statement last night. You love looking at me, and what better way for you to do it than while on a date with me?” He shrugged.

“I’ll be staring at you all day, that’s for sure.” She glanced at his arms and narrowed her eyes. “Are those old-school Universal Studios monster tattoos?” She blushed. “I mean, they’re cool and all. My parents really loved old black-and-white monster flicks. I, however, enjoyed reading about monsters. You know, Universal really bastardized Frankenstein. I’m sure Mary Shelley was rolling over in her grave.”

“Unless she figured out a way to be regenerated.”

Violet rolled her eyes, and he smiled. Actually he was impressed she knew his ink, even if her cover was weak. He loved old black-and-white horror movies. Bela Lugosi was his favorite actor. The range it took to go from Dracula to The Wolfman was insane. So, he’d gone into his shop and showed his buddy what he wanted done. He’d kept it all black-and-white with some shadowing. In the foreground of the work of art sat a mini graveyard with the moon shining high above, casting a silvery glow over the cemetery. Then, behind tombstones, the different characters were added in. The only color on the whole tattoo, which went from his shoulder to his wrist, was in Dracula’s cape. The completed process had taken three sittings and over ten hours. “Yeah. Do you like it?”

“Duh.” She grinned. “From far away I never knew what it was. I mean, I always saw the red strip in it but never got up the nerve to ask. What’s on your other arm?”

“Jason and the Argonauts.”

“Seriously?” She grabbed his hand, and a zing of electricity shot up his arm. Her soft gasp let him know she felt it too. “Sorry. I shouldn’t just grab at you.”

“Don’t worry about it.” He walked into her room and closed the door behind him. “Okay, now take your fill of the tattoos.”

Violet did just that. Her fingertips traced each line, each detail as though she was engraving them into her memory. She glanced up at him. Awe and desire glittered in her violet gaze. “You are a mysterious man,” she whispered.

Author Bio:

TL Reeve, a multi-published author with Cobblestone Press, Decadent Publishing, Evernight Publishing and Loose-Id, was born out of a love of family and a bond that became unbreakable. Living in the south, TL misses Los Angeles and will one day return to the beaches of Southern California to ride the waves at Huntington Beach. When not writing something hot and sexy, TL can be found curled up with a good book, or working on homework with a cute little pixie.


The Dreams Convention 2015 Wrap-up

Dreams Convention Banner


It’s hard to believe that the Dreams Convention 2015 is over. Kris, Morgan, and I, along with our stalwart committees spend so much time before it even begins, planning and organizing, and then seemingly in a blink of an eye, it’s done and we’re saying goodbye to friends we won’t see in person for another year. Stacie Jandik-Stopen said it perfectly the other day. “This isn’t just a writer’s convention or a reader’s convention. It’s a FRIEND convention.” 

When we completed our first event and returned for our second, that sentiment had already been etched in stone. I’ve always said, at our event, people make friends for life, and we’ve learned that lives have been changed for the better as a result of people meeting up and forming strong connections. So it’s always a heartbreak to say goodbye at the end. It’s my least favorite Sunday of the year!

So, rather than get all sad and weepy again, I am going to share some photos from the five-day event that encapsulates what the Dreams Convention is all about. Enjoy!

10482115_991029214274558_7077826868257271519_oFirst, my partners in crime… Kris Tualla and Morgan Kearns, co-founders of the event for which I am co-chair of the Arizona Dreamin’ part. In order for these events to be a success, these women gave up precious writing and publishing time. So, we decided to go back to our original mission statement and only hold the Dreams Convention on odd-numbered years, opposite Desert Rose’s Desert Dreams Conference held on even-numbered years.






Next, here are most of the authors that were featured this year. We’ve since learned that 10658716_10203282729743672_3935932961426066606_oCamelia Miron Skiba was having a romance with the elevator at the time! James Magnussen’s girlfriend, Ashley Darling, jazzed up the collective photo that David took of all of us. Take a real good look! It’s pretty hilarious! These women were terrific to work with and presented fabulous book clubs to our readers. Some taught writers during Buildin’ the Dream, too!




The whole event began on WEDNESDAY night with a BOOK SIGNING

11061772_472196316271599_8379822644127193703_n 11170348_472196606271570_5837036798829859044_n

This is me, of course, and my favoritest new bud, Aaron Michael Ritchey *snap, snap*. We met at TFoB and it’s been a blast ever since. That man’s going places, I tell ya! Fabulous YA author. We had a crowd of 30 authors and plenty of readers to purchase our books. And with Melanie and Tom, our fearless book sellers, HOW could we go wrong???

Mel Bookstore








Then we had the Dreams Awards Thursday night, where fabulous authors, who’d been nominated by readers, were then judged and awarded a Dreams Award! It was FABULOUS!!!

Congratulations to this year’s Dream Awards‬ Winning Childrens Author, Juli Caldwell! 
Congratulations to this year’s Dream Awards‬ Winning Historical Romance Author, Rose Gordon!
Congratulations to this year’s ‪‎Dream Awards‬ winning Young Adult Author, Aaron Michael Ritchey!
Congratulations to this year’s ‪‎Dream Awards‬ winning Contemporary Romance Author, Sharon Hamilton!
Congratulations to this year’s Dream Awards‬ winning Paranormal Romance author, Siobhan Muir!
Congratulations to this year’s Dream Awards‬ winning General Fiction author, LynnPeters!

Friday, during the day, we taught classes on craft and business, and then switched gears by evening for some Arizona Dreamin’ fun! An Author Speed Meet and comedy with Brian Kohatsu kicked off the weekend in stellar style. We also met our Men of Our Dreams contestants. What an AMAZING group of men! Stellar personalities and they don’t look to shabby either! *wink, wink*


Book Clubs, lunch, dinner, auction, and even PITCH PERFECT 2, all happened in ONE DAY, folks! It was insane! It was awesome! It was over too soon! 




Sunday morning came, and with it, a chance for attendees to learn how to make SMART goals. Don’t know what that is? I can teach you! Then, a tearful goodbye to all the wonderful people that make the Dreams Convention the unique convention that it is and shall always be… See you in 2017! There are a TON more pictures, but you’ll just have to attend one of these conventions to see and experience the fun for yourself.


For the Ladies! FIND YOUR LOST….

Ever want to escape for a while? Hide away from the daily grind, the hustle and bustle, the drama and madness of a world that’s always running full-steam? Ever try finding lost? It’s a term my mother-in-law used to say all the time and live by as she raised her family. When I met my husband, he introduced me to the idea. When we married, we introduced the idea to our children.

It’s a rather simple idea, really. All you do is get in the car, pick a direction, and go. When you come to an intersection, someone picks a direction to go. It harkens back a bit to the old days of going out for a Sunday drive, with no real plan for a destination other than just driving around looking at the scenery before you. At one point, we’d always be a bit lost, but eventually we;d always find our way back home. It was rather fun and thrilling.

With the idea of FINDING LOST in my mind, I turned to writing. Automatically, I thought SUSPENSE. If a person was in trouble and didn’t want to be found, well, why couldn’t they FIND LOST? That is how my latest romantic suspense novel was born. SO, on this lovely day, when we can do what we want, why not FIND YOUR OWN LOST in a book? Try on mine for size. It’s hefty enough to leave you feeling very satisfied at the end of it, but short enough as to not take up an entire day to read.

SO, find lost today in the pages of FINDING LOST (4.8 STARS)…


How could anyone be miserable in paradise? Carrie Samuels could write a book about it. Far away from her family and friends, she’s fled to Isla Mujéres hoping to escape a relentless stalker who knew how to torment and leave no calling card. What started out as a short-term solution has turned into a long-term jail sentence on a tropical island.

Painfully handsome, with a killer smile and well-hewn body, Dillon McMahon left his past behind and plans to spend the rest of his life off the grid on Isla Mujéres, the perfect place to dig in. Living next door to a sexy, quirky, and mysterious woman makes it all the sweeter.

When Carrie and Dillon’s pasts collide with the present, it threatens their budding relationship and sends them into a maelstrom of danger, abduction, and attempted murder. Sometimes, no matter how far you run, you just can’t hide.


#‎kindle‬ http://amzn.to/1umGuOi  
‪#‎iBooks‬ https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/finding-lost/id909739463?mt=11 
‪#‎Nook‬ http://bit.ly/1BJtV1v  
‪#‎Kobo‬ https://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/finding-lost-1
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‪#‎ARe‬ http://bit.ly/1K007BR5 


AlphaΓÇÖs Truth-highresHi everyone,

Can you believe it is already March 17?

I am so excited to announce the release of Alpha’s Truth (Fallen Alpha #2). 

Montana Alpha Beaux Nelson believes in living his life the way werewolves were meant to—as naturally and free as possible. He honors the moon with every hunt and breath in his body. When he discovers his true mate is the healer of another pack, he’s determined nothing will come between them—not even her kidnapping. Pursuing her across the continent, Beaux will take any risk to claim the woman meant for him…but surviving her rejection is another matter.


Lake Fennell has never thrived as a healer should, her gift acts out, she changes others without their permission and has failed to save those precious to her. When she discovers Beaux may very well be her true mate, she flees rather than face the possibility. In her haste, she falls into the arms of the True Believers. Months of torture later, she can barely believe it when she wakes to find herself with the one man she shouldn’t want and can never have. In order to save them both, she must leave her true mate, knowing she might not leave his heart intact. But if she doesn’t do what she was born to do everything will be lost…including the world she’s fought the hardest for.

#‎Kindle: http://amzn.to/1HczjwG

‪#‎iBooks: http://bit.ly/16c6WSi

‪#‎Nook: http://bit.ly/1JXAPUG

‪#‎Kobo: http://bit.ly/18DBw8s

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Next up: The releases of Love Beyond Time (Outsiders #1) and Love Beyond Sanity (Outsiders #2).

We’ll talk soon!

Rebecca Royce

The ANGEL has risen! Witness the miracle…

When I started writing Angel Rising, I had no idea the enormous hold it would have on me. I got halfway through the darn thing and realized that this book would be the most intense, the most heart-wrenching, and the longest I’d ever written. That’s right, I was sitting at 50K words and still had another 50K more to say. 

Out there in Internet World, it had come to my attention that there was a new trend; people were reading shorter-length pieces. That worried me. What would I do with my 100K+ novel? It occurred to me that I could split the book into two parts and offer it as a duet of books. Well, it worked okay for a while, but I wasn’t happy. I mean, they look awesome as paperbacks together, but as an ebook, Book 2 was getting lost.

So, I decided to bring the two parts back together and under one roof, so to speak. I couldn’t be happier, and Hannah and Gabriel agree. Now that the story is whole, I hope that people will not shy away from it due to its length. When a story’s gotta be told, there’s no stopping it, no matter the length.

If you’ve read Angel Rising already, I hope you loved it. If you haven’t, here’s your chance. http://amzn.to/1EH59l7

I’d also like to extend an invitation to you. I’m having a release party over on Facebook and would love for you to come. There will be fun and games, prizes, and special guests. It’s scheduled for 6pm – 8:30 pm EDT, MONDAY, 3/8 (tomorrow or today, depending on when you see this). Here’s the link to sign up https://www.facebook.com/events/930160273690780/?ref=22 


NEW RELEASE! If You Can’t Stand The Heat- Taryn Kincaid

IfYouCantStandTheHeat Cover

By Taryn Kincaid

 A hot and spicy, sizzling contemporary foodie romance from Fated Desires Publishing’s new “Give Me a Taste” special line, releasing 2/24/15. PURCHASE HERE —> IF YOU CAN’T STAND THE HEAT


 Derek Dunne is a Cordon Bleu-trained food critic for theprestigious New York Monitor, whose scathing review of a popular Italian bistro has driven away all but the most loyal neighborhood patrons.

Lucrezia Serafina DiCicco is a clumsy business school drop-out, working as a chef and scrambling to keep her family’s restaurant afloat, after her father develops diabetes and is banned from his kitchen for his own good.

Now, with The Monitor folding, Derek is searching for his next career path and longing to get back to his first love—cooking—while Lu is desperate for an influx of cash to save the struggling restaurant…even as her father puts his foot down about non-family employees.

Derek and Lu embark on a marriage of inconvenience to save the restaurant. But can Lu ever really trust the man who nearly destroyed her family, once noted her initials spelled “LSD,” and her food was like a “bad trip?”

Or will it be their hearts on the chopping block?


She brushed her hands on her apron and straightened her shoulders as she strode toward the bar. Not in the mood. So not in the mood. As if the hunky stranger had come here looking for a hook-up, rather than to send back his too-salty pasta fagiole or rubbery calamari or register some other grievance.

She looked a fright besides. The moon might resemble a pizza pie but amore did not live anywhere in the restaurant anymore, except in its name. As that bastard Derek Dunne had pointed out in his review. Vicious…but truthful, she had to admit.

As she approached the customer, she positioned herself with her back to the mirror over the bar, so she didn’t have to gaze at her sorry reflection. At least no one else was at the bar to gawk at her frazzled condition.

The man swirled a pool of condensation on the burled wood with his index finger. Strong hands. No rings, she noted. Up close and personal, his looks were even more devastating, the essence of hearty masculinity radiating raw, contained power, his body taut with  muscles beneath a finely-tailored suit that stretched across broad shoulders, his blue eyes intense enough to put her in a near trance. She gazed at his long, blunt fingers playing restlessly on the bar and imagined him sliding them across her heated flesh. Making her wet. Thrusting inside her. His thumb stroking her clit until it swelled, the pleasure so unbearable he had her writhing with passion, screaming for release.

Holy cannoli! What the heck was wrong with her? Was she that desperate? Yeah, probably. And yeah, he looked that good. Good enough to eat. With or without whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Oh, yeah. That image helped cool down her roaring libido. Not.

Suppressing a shiver, she cleared her throat. “I’m Lu DiCicco. You

wanted to see me?



Buy links:

Amazon:  http://amzn.to/1rVyf7B

Barnes and Noble: http://bit.ly/1yoXbqS

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Taryn Kincaid reads the back of cereal boxes and everything else that stands in her way. She writes HOT and sweet paranormal, historical romance and contemporary romance, sometimes spiced with a little humor or a lot of snark. She enjoys pinching and tickling words until they scream.

Her latest, WOLF’s SONG, a shifter romance that is part of Decadent Publishing’s new Black Hills Wolves line was released in January. IF YOU CAN’T STAND THE HEAT, a contemporary foodie romance for Fated Desires Publishing’s new special line, “Give Me a Taste” releases 2/24/15 but is available for Pre-Order now!

Coming soon…RAIN, a Beyond Fairytales story for Decadent Publishing; and HER CAPTAIN, a Tempting Signs story for Fated Desires, coming in December, 2015.

Visit Taryn at her website http://tarynkincaid.com, or her blog http://dreamvoyagers.blogspot.com, as well as Twitter, Facebook, tsu, Pinterest and Goodreads.

Website |Blog |Twitter | Facebook |tsu | Goodreads | Amazon | Pinterest


FOR WOMEN ONLY! Yeah, I’m talking about female issues today, boys… bu-bye

lifeOkay ladies, many of you are familiar with the fact that I’ve been a hot mess lately, between my neck and back  and all these horrid digestive issues. Well, my neck and back are still annoying, but massage therapy and spinal adjustments are finally helping. TODAY, I’m sharing revelations I’ve had over the past few days with regards to what this new way of eating has done to me.

First of all, I had been suffering with terrible muscle and joint pain, and thought it was from my cholesterol medicine. Had that switched, and it was reduced, but still very present only in my ankles. Second. I suffer terribly with my monthly periods- pain, pressure, bloat, clotting. Oh, they come like clockwork, but I always have HELLISH days – 1or 2- each time, and I must take mega-doses of ibuprofen. Third, I’m a lifetime asthma sufferer.

I’m pleased to tell you, that after going gluten, dairy, and soy-free, my aches are virtually gone! My period came a couple of days ago. I feared the worst because right now, I can’t take any meds to ease the pain. Well, my HELL days NEVER CAME!!! This is the first period I’ve had since before my kids that I didn’t need ANY MEDICATION!  My asthma has calmed down. I hadn’t taken my meds in a couple of days, testing out the theory about raw honey. No asthma flare-ups! I’ll still take Singulair, but I’m pretty stoked.

Ladies, I’m not going to tell you what to do with your life. I never liked anyone telling me. I gotta tell ya, though, that removing gluten, dairy, and soy from my diet has impacted my life in a huge way. It’s cataclysmic! It’s mind-blowing! It’s severe and I don’t wish this on ANYONE. But I have to. I have no choice. And I can’t fault it because I FEEL GOOD.

NEW YEAR, new lease on life…

image[50]How many times have we made resolutions that only days later we don’t keep? PLENTY! Well, I knew, for me to make any kind of change in my lifestyle, it would take a doctor saying, “You gotta change because you’re hurting yourself.” Well, that’s what’s happened over the course of last few months.

On a journey to eat healthier due to no more gall bladder, I embarked on a healthy kick, which everyone in the family embraced. Little did I know, the very foods I was eating were attacking me! I had a major food allergy test done, and the results came back. I’m still reeling from the implications, but safe to say, eating safer, rather than healthier, is one resolution of mine that has no wiggle room. If I want to STAY ill, I should keep on eating healthy foods like hummus and guacamole. That’s right, these healthy snacks make me sick. I can’t even begin to list all the foods I’m severely or mildly intolerant to. The list is expansive and surprising. Now, add to that heady mix the fact that I’m severely intolerant to gluten and cow’s milk. What do I adore? Breads and cheeses. What do I enjoy even more? Putting those two together. 

I can tell this change-over is going to be a challenge. Not in the obvious ways, but in the quiet ways. For example, I can live with changing milk to almond milk, but Smart Balance spread has milk in it, and I use it heavily for cooking. I refuse to switch to unhealthy margarines, so what’s to be done? Another example is that I cook all the time with olive oil, and I love soybean products like edamame and tofu. Can’t use or eat any of those. 

So, I look forward with equal parts anticipation and dread for my phone call to speak with a nutritionist on Tuesday. I’m hoping to hear more positive information and get practical advice for substitutions and which products are best. My resolution this year? Change my life for the better through smart, safe, healthy-for-me eating.

2014 in review THANK YOU TO MY VIEWERS!

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,500 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.