J.M. Madden

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Officer Shane Caldwell responds to a routine end of shift call with some annoyance, but when she tackles and handcuffs her ex-lover and the father of her son, things turn hot in a flash. Four years before, Quinn Scott disappeared to make his fortune, and she hasn’t heard a word from him. As his touch ignites old passions, Shane is torn between telling him about the son he’s never known, and protecting young Jackson’s heart from the man who walked away without a backward glance.                                                                                                  

When Shane storms back into his life, Quinn isn’t surprised by the incredible attraction which sparks between them. He wants to take up where they left off, but years of lies and unexpected betrayals from family and friends endanger his Thoroughbred breeding operation and his dreams of a future with the woman he never really left behind.

Will old prejudices separate them again or can love grow stronger the Second Time Around?


Shane almost groaned aloud as his tight ass pressed against her belly. Running, sweating, his scent was more pronounced on the summer evening breeze, and reminded her of other sweaty nights. He even seemed to be wearing the same kind of cologne she’d bought for him years ago. Memories of nibbling at his neck, inhaling him as he plunged into her bombarded her.

Quinn didn’t struggle. Instead, he relaxed into her grip. He may have even pushed back against her groin. He definitely hummed low in his throat. “Shane,” Quinn’s voice dropped suggestively low, “some could construe this as police brutality, but let me tell you, I’m enjoying it immensely.”

In desperation, Shane forced herself to step away, releasing his arms as she did. Once again, her hands wanted to linger on his warm skin. Her body yearned to meld to his. Most dangerously, her heart longed to return to a happier time. The man in front of her embodied every desire she had in the world. Need echoed through her body.

He left me in the red Kentucky dust.

That thought chilled her enough to force her back an extra step. Quinn slowly straightened away from the car, and turned to rest against the driver’s door. Crossing his arms, he gave her a broad smile. “It’s good to see you, Shane.”

Struggling against the warmth that pierced her chest at the familiar smile, she cocked one leg out to the side, trying to appear more at ease than she was. “Right. Would you mind moving away from the car now?”

Diffused light from the barn shone on the short waves in his dark brown hair as he shook his head. His eyes crinkled when his smile broadened. “Why are you in such a rush? We haven’t seen each other in a long time. You’re off duty, right?”

“Yes,” she muttered carefully. Anticipation rolled through her even as her brain tried to tamp it down. Past experience had proven that when she got her hopes up, she was hurt.

Quinn pointed a thumb toward the barn, and then shoved his hands in his pockets. “Can I offer you a cup of coffee? It’s fresh.” Second Time Around 11


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