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A bathtub filled with tequila…

Shopping. The ritual that binds all of us women together, or so I thought, until I tried it with my own daughters. Okay, pushing hormones aside for a moment, I thought to myself yesterday, well, Eldest goes shopping all the time with her friends and she always comes back with hilarious stories.  Youngest goes with me and it isn’t an unpleasant experience. Why don’t the three of us go shopping together and create a moment?

Well, it was more like the moment from Hell! Honestly, whatever possessed me to get those two in the car at the same time, to take them  shopping for BOTH of them at the same time, to expect them to be civil to each other? I DON’T KNOW! 

Nostalgia crept in as I thought back to when my mother would take my sister and I shopping on Saturdays and how much fun it was. Oh really? Wait a minute. I also remember being a whiny complaining little sister because we were done shopping for me and now I had to wait while mom shopped for my sister. In all fairness (imagine tongue in cheek), what was a little girl to do when her much older sister was shopping? Her section wasn’t nearly as much fun as mine. Argh!

Uh oh! I was doomed to repeat history with my own children. Good times. Youngest was in rare form, touching everything, annoying her big sister. Eldest was in rare form with her lovable teenage attitude. Did I say lovable? I meant obnoxious.I thought they might have been synonyms, sorry.

“Can’t the two of you just get along for five minutes?” Who was I kidding? They used up that five minutes three years ago!  After a couple of hours of putting out fires between my lovable daughters, one dress bought, dozens of shoes tried on and left behind, I was ready for the loony bin (please interpret that as a bathtub filled with tequila).

Shopping lesson learned: Divide and conquer! And have some tequila anyway!

9 thoughts on “A bathtub filled with tequila…

  1. Nice website. I actually learned to hate shopping from the time my children were hiding under the clothes racks. Nothing has convinced me since then that shopping’s a picnic. I wrote about it for a contest last December in honor of Christmas shopping – Godzilla vs. the Mall. Look on the bright side, you have three months before you have to go back to school shopping.

    • Thanks so much Karla. Considering Youngest STILL hides under clothes racks, I believe I’ve found a kindred spirit in you! I’m going to try my best to make each summer day last as long as possible. Oh no! I just said SUMMER… bathing suit shopping! Karla, I need oxygen!
      By the way, your Red Hat post had me crying on the floor- my mother is one. All I can say is red and purple don’t bring out the color of her eyes.

  2. LOL Been there know what your talkin about… 1 child at a time shoppin always :D

  3. I started laughing at the first line remembering the fiascoes I suffered through taking daughters shopping. I still dread shopping. Closed down an entire store because I couldn’t find one that gave me the slip. Finally found her hiding quietly in the middle of one of the round racks sitting on the middle platform hunched over. She found the ultimate hiding place. I had hysterics. Now she has her own child. This is going to be fun. :)

  4. I shopped with my one daughter and two boys. No one ever liked what I picked. They all whined in harmony. Now, I shop alone. Gift cards are the way to go for me.

  5. Hi Deena and Kathleen. Thank you so much for the giveaway. I was the winner of the giveaway for Deena Remiel’s post for her new book Distortion. I meant to send a thank you through Amazon, but misclicked the message. I googled you two to find your e-mail addresses and saw that you both commented here. Thank you so much! I hope you get this message! Sincerely,

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