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I am so excited to welcome Nathanael Munn to my place today! He is a horror writer, and I must confess to loving horror. That’s why I asked if he would give us an excerpt from his story, Mr. Helsinki. He said sure, and the rest is history. Now don’t worry! You’ll still be able to sleep tonight! So stretch your literary wings, if you will, and have a read of MR. HELSINKI.

{Excerpt, Mr. Helsinki}

2010 – Colusa, CA
     The thunder was loud and cracking. The night sky was illuminated with streaks and jagged lightning. The ground shook violently. The northeastern swirling rain and wind was furiously pummeling. Tree branches cracked and fell to the ground while leaves tore free from their blissful entrenchments and crowded the water filled air. The scent of burnt ozone wafted in to the homes of the huddled townsfolk. The streets were flooding, ravaged, weather-beaten and empty as midnight rapidly approached. This was the eerie, angry night in Colusa as Mr. Helsinki moved in.
     Mr. Helsinki was cautiously driven into town in his stretched black limousine. The oversized car moved with extreme and deliberate care as the driver navigated the barren streets. A few blocks down Fremont, and a right on the highway, with a hard quick right on Sylvia, the mysterious vehicle continued on it’s course. From Sylvia, they continued past the golf course and on to Helsinki’s newly acquired mansion.
     Mr Helsinki walked slowly, but with deliberate purpose, out a set of double french doors and on to his second story balcony that overlooked his mansion’s grounds. He wasn’t a tall man, but he did give off a dark looming feeling of superior height if you were to stand in his presence. He stood pillar-like for a long moment fiddling with his long dark hair. To an onlooker it seemed as if he was trying to comb it with his bony, agile fingers, but his hair, being pulled tightly up in a pony tail, made this nearly an impossible gesture. He gazed longingly at the sky watching white billowing clouds float peacefully by with nary a twinkle left in his hazel eyes. That is when memories of the old days flooded him, seizing control of his mind, and reminding him of two days that happened. On both days his life was forever altered; the day he became he realized he had powers other kids didn’t, and the day he became immortal.
     Helsinki grew up in the Ural mountains in a small village Teriket located deep on the mountain face. He was born in the year of 1653, or at least that’s what his mother always used to tell him. That was the year her life ended she would say. The first memory he had as a child was his mother calling him a bastard child, a child spawned by devil himself. Growing up wasn’t much better. The other kids in the village would taunt him because, when angry, his eyes would change from hazel to red and the angrier he got the brighter they shined. But the weirdest thing was the odd attraction of insects towards him. Spiders, beetles, cockroaches, night-crawlers, earth worms, dung flies all lingered, buzzed, slithered, and crawled around him as if awaiting some sort of strange commandment. One year the infestation was so bad that his mother literally had to make a netting, and Helsinki had worn it for three months, just to keeping bugs from crawling all over him.
     He grew up in a run down cabin with a mother, and when she wasn’t verbally flogging him, the locals were treating him as some sort deformed outcast. Even still it wasn’t till later, in his teen years, that he actually began believing he was in fact the son of the devil. It was at this age that he became of aware of some unusual powers that no else seemed to possess. He could make things catch on fire, levitate objects, and read peoples’ minds. Helsinki’s only thoughts dwelled on the fact that he was the son of the devil and it was to him that he that he owed his powers and allegiance.
     He first used his power of spontaneous fire against his mother. He was nineteen years old and was tending their goat when his mother started chiding him as usual. She called him names, taunted him, and called him no good. She knew he was the son of the devil. After years of torment, Helsinki could take no more. He made his eyes flash a brilliant red, while staring at his mother. She burst into searing red and orange flames right where she stood. She barely had time to let out a whimpering cry before her body collapsed into a melted lake of human mush. Helsinki ran into the cabin, dodging his mother’s smoldering, liquefied, burnt flesh! He burst the through the old wooden front door in fear and sheer excitement. He ran through the house and grabbed what belongings he thought he needed and took off down the mountain heading deep into the vast forests of Eastern Europe.
     For years he lived off the land and stayed as far away from people as possible. He built himself a new home and even taught himself how to control his powers. The one he was most happy to control was the release of pheromones that attracted all the insects. He learned how to keep them not only at bay but how to compel them to do his bidding. He could get small army spiders to overrun a bear if he wanted to. These were good years for Helsinki. With his mother and his childhood left behind, there was nothing but the future in front of him. But, he was missing one important ingredient–a partner to share his life with.
     Several more years of solitude went by and Helsinki reached the age of thirty-seven. It was at this time that he decided it was safe to move out of the wilderness and head for the largest city he could find and blend in with the crowds.
      Helsinki had only traveled for about a day when he heard something howling in the night air. He recognized it almost immediately as a wolf. Only this shrieking howl was different, it was more elongated and higher pitched. He didn’t know what to make of it. At first it was way off in the distance so he didn’t pay that much attention to the loud echoes in the forest. He kept moving forward, but with each howl he heard, it sounded closer and closer. Helsinki stopped dead in his tracks and listened. He began to hear loud rustling in the brush just to his right. His quickly picked up his pace! He took a deep breath and spun around looking in all directions, but the little moonlight that did splash through the tree tops were casting odd shadows all over the place. He couldn’t be sure what was moving and what wasn’t. He heard a low growl to his left. That spun his head! Was there more than one? He had no way of knowing. Again he spun himself around. The only noise he heard was the brush crushing to the ground, underneath his feet.
     Then, as if on cue, a sudden sense of hyper anxiety seized him. His heart thundered furiously against his chest. His palms began to sweat. His body hair was charged! His eyes widened! His ears perked! He mind was slowing time to a near standstill in anticipation of what might be preparing to make its’ move. Suddenly, a furry, wolf-like beast leaped out from behind a tree and flew at Helsinki! Helsinki was fast and set it ablaze in mid-air. But, he was not fast enough to stop the one that lunged from behind. Helsinki took a hard hit in the back smacking the ground  face first! The beast’s mouth ripped into his shoulder and tore bits of flesh and muscle out of his body. Helsinki let out a blood curdling scream as he rolled over, trying to fight off the claws of his certain death. Then, in a moment of desperation, he set the last of his monstrous attackers ablaze. He left nothing of them but the stench of burnt canine hair.
     Then something strange and eerie started building in Helsinki’s stomach. He became light-headed. He looked around and the forest started spinning, shrinking, then expanding. He rolled to his knees and vomited. His stomach squeezed even tighter and Helsinki grabbed his belly as if that would squelch the pain somehow. Then his skin began to get hot! He could feel himself boiling and melting. His skin had liquified and was streaming out of his clothes. God, the pain is all he could think about. He felt queasy as muscle tissues and tendons shriveled and fell off. Then his bones started moving. This was the worst pain he had ever felt.
     They pulled apart twisted around then grew and re-jointed themselves. His skull morphed into that of a wolf and his legs were large muscular and that of a goat. He grew leathery wings from his back that spanned ten feet in either direction. They were covered in eyes and he was now able to see in all directions simultaneously. A hunger was consuming him. It was a deep hunger that could not be ignored. He had to feed! Helsinki’s was only concerned with one thing–devouring raw flesh. He flapped his wings and like a pro took to the air. He flew silently over the forest tree tops, then headed for the nearest large grouping of lights he could find on the ground. That was the day that Helsinki became one of the few, one of the immortals.

© Nathanael Munn, 2010.

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