Deena Remiel's Place

Author of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance

Permission Granted to Succeed


seen  and heard
in our faces and traces of our words
felt and absorbed
into the very fabric of our being
to fester and spread like a terminal disease
self-inflicted wounds that never heal 

we have been taught
how to fear the possible
how to doubt the plausible
how to deny the tangible 

our souls are imprisoned
our spirits, immobilized
where to go?
where to grow? 

 from one tiny seed, a bit of praise
a single nugget of encouragement
is allowed entry to our hearts
and another still, releasing the shackles
one agonizing beat at a time  

courage replaces the fear
belief replaces the doubt
and acceptance replaces the denial 

permission  granted to succeed

   © Deena Remiel, 2010.

4 thoughts on “Permission Granted to Succeed

  1. This is amazing. I am so struggling with this right now. Thank you.

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