It’s all a matter of perspective
Whether we were meant for each other
Or not

You see, from where you stand
All is well, life is sweet
We have the perfect relationship
Built on a strong foundation
Of one-sided power and control
Of you ruling the roost
You are the king of this castle
I am eye candy, and here
To be seen and not heard

But you see, from where I stand, I am
Oppressed, Depressed, Repressed
So I am standing on my own two feet today
Using them to walk away from us

I am tired of being whored
My pride will be restored
My soul will be redeemed
My eyes, they have seen
The supreme joy of a new perspective

You should see the view, from where I stand
At least I can walk away from you
You have to live with yourself
For the rest of your life
How’s that for perspective

 ©Deena Remiel, 2010.

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