While I’m still away…

Here’s another riotous post involving my kids. This time, I’d written about how my husband and I grossed them out. We still take much pleasure in doing so…

Ew… Mom.Dad. Get a room!

Posted on March 11, 2011 

My husband and I have been married for nearly eighteen years. We dated four years prior to our wedding. Now, we have two daughters –  14 and 11 years of age. Needless to say, we’ve kissed a couple of times.  Go figure! Lately, our kids, the proof that we’ve uh… kissed, have been quite vociferous about our PDA.

Now let me get something perfectly clear. Hubby and I hold hands wherever we go. When either of us leaves for work or gets home from the day, we kiss. Nothing major, you know, a few pecks on the lips. But the kids act as though they’re scarred for life!  Words like, “ew” and “gross” spill from their mouths. Youngest covers her eyes whenever she sees kissing on TV or in a movie, too. Eldest is the hypocrite.  She’ll watch movies that have men and women kissing in them and she’s perfectly fine with that. But when Mom and Dad do it… The two of them yell out, “Ew! Mom. Dad. Get a room!”

Luckily, we haven’t been caught making love yet.  I don’t  even want to think of what could happen. Maybe their brains would implode? On the one hand, we think it’s hysterical, and any chance we get to exploit their embarrassment, we do. We’ve been known to egg them on with more kissing and hugging. On the other hand, they need to get a grip! They are both old enough to have had Sex Ed in school. They know how babies are made, hence, where they came from. So what’s so bad about a little kissing between parents?

So are you like us? Do you have kids that say, “Ew! Gross! Get a room!”


While I’m a away…

I’ve decided to post something each day from the archives of oldies but goodies. I hope you enjoy the hilarity I have in store for you!  So here’s the first one. It’s been 2 years since I wrote this piece. Eldest has added to my exclamations. The girl has a driver’s permit! Aaack! And I even have gotten in the car with her to teach her a couple things!

Who said you were allowed to grow up?

Eldest is going to be a freshman in high school this August. Excuse me… I’ll be right back. Okay! Just threw up, but I’m better now, thanks. Where the hell did the time go? I know, she’s only thirteen, but she’s gonna be fourteen and then thirty… someday! It’s actually exciting to see our relationship morph as she matures, even though at this moment I’m considered half parent/half mutant. But it doesn’t make it any easier letting go of the little girl who used to run into my arms when we’d say goodbye at preschool.

Now I understand why certain people have a lot of kids. No! Not just for religious reasons. There’s a yearning to recapture the innocence of youth, and the selfish desire to be the whole world to another individual. For as they grow, we become background and others take more prominent roles in our children’s lives. As it should be.

Well, I also have Youngest, who still loves to  hug and kiss and snuggle. Who still says, “I love you!” unabashedly. Thank heavens! I don’t know if my ego is strong enough to handle two children thinking of me as a toss-up between The World’s Most Embarrassing Parent and Queen of No Fun.

But in reality, how much longer do I have of this? My glory days are running out. Don’t get any crazy ideas, though. I’m not having any more children! My hubbie’s just gonna have to step up his game a bit, because my ego will need lots of stroking.

Eldest, I love her dearly, with every breath that I take. She is turning into a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. So, why do we argue over clothes? And why are you having crushes over boys?  And where the heck did that gorgeous figure come from? Hey, Eldest! Who said you were allowed to grow up?