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FREE for 24 Hours! My Anomaly: Picture Perfect

Anomaly? Why would I call PICTURE PERFECT an anomaly? Well, as you all know, I write paranormal romance. I love all things having to do with the battle between GOOD and EVIL. There’s such a rush I experience after writing  scenes where humans and immortals are tested. Where darkness seems to have the upper hand, but we, on the side of the light, rally back and survive victorious.

So, where on EARTH did PICTURE PERFECT come from? There’s not a shred of paranormal in it anywhere! There’s a villain, all right. She’s a badass bitch, but she hasn’t been sent by Satan to wreak havoc on my hero and heroine. Jamie and Hope are two normal, human individuals who have interesting careers and are like most of us, seeking a lasting love.

PICTURE PERFECT is a romantic suspense story.  And it came not from the twisted side of my brain, but from the tender, romantic side. It was a story that had to be written. I saw it as a Lifetime TV movie in my mind and wrote exactly what I saw. There’s a lot of sweet and charm along with spice and tension. And there’s more story to be told. So be on the lookout for these characters to return in a sequel.

If you know me for my paranormal, will you still like PICTURE PERFECT? I think so. My personality is the common thread. If you enjoy the banter, snark,  sensuality, and personalities of my paranormal realm, you will love Jamie and Hope.

Lucky for you, PICTURE PERFECT is FREE for 24 hours. That means at some point soon after midnight Saturday until midnight Sunday, you can grab yourself a copy absolutely free. Where? CLICK ON THE COVER…

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FREE Paranormal Romance for Mother’s Day!

Ghost of a Chance (1 Night Stand Series)I couldn’t have timed it better myself! GHOST OF A CHANCE, my uber-romantic paranormal short story is FREE on THURSDAY 5/10 and FRIDAY 5/11 for KINDLE. Just in time to be the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Afterward, it’s only 99 cents. Here’s what people are saying about GHOST OF A CHANCE… And stay through the end for an excerpt!

Absolutely Beautiful!, November 8, 2011
This review is from: Ghost of a Chance (1 Night Stand Series) (Kindle Edition)

Absolutely Beautiful!

This short fast paced story was such a beautiful and heartwarming tale woven almost like a fairy tale come true as in when the prince kisses Snow White she comes alive, however in this case with the help from Madame Evangeline’s 1 Night Stand’s match making, Susannah’s heart and passionate feelings towards love attempts to conquer a long ago curse placed upon the handsome man Remy.

Only one thing can cure Remy’s long go curse that his ex-wife placed on him of being a ghost and that is “Only the touch of a woman who loved him could restore him to his corporeal form.”

Susannah’s sensual touch and Remy’s sexy voice that magnifies a lustful love of desire as they lose all control in this erotic tale will have your heart melting and cheering the couple on to happiness in the end.

The erotic scenes were medium hot. The writing was perfect as it drew me into the story and the characters were well connected. I definitely will be reading more of this authors work.

Great read!

Filling backstory, April 23, 2012
This review is from: Ghost of a Chance (1 Night Stand Series) (Kindle Edition)

Book Title: Ghost of a Chance
Author: Deena Remiel
Published By: Decadent Publishing Company
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Recommended Age: +18
Reviewed By: Emily Tuley / AngelsCryHavoc
Blog Reviewed For: Great Minds Think Aloud Literary Community
Rating: 5 Ravens

Can the two save each other from their endless lonely fate? Well if your curious I suggest you pick up this novella and really allow yourself to fall in love with them and enjoy each page as you turn it just as I have.


4.0 out of 5 stars The Widow and the Ghost Find Love, February 21, 2012
This review is from: Ghost of a Chance (1 Night Stand Series) (Kindle Edition)

Looking for a magical romantic evening? Be careful what you wish for when your soliciting Madam Eve’s 1Nite Stand Services.

Susannah is overworked due to her own need to get past her husband’s death, but now she wants a vacation. She has decided that its time to get back amongst the living and start a relationship with someone.
Remy let his work become his life causing his wife to divorce him and have a literal bitter curse placed on him. Since he was like a ghost in their relationship, he could be a ghost for real. His only chance is to get a woman to touch him while feeling love for him. In ten years, he has not been able to achieve this. Madam Eve is his last hope.

Remy and Susannah’s story was sensual, but sweet. It is a short story so naturally we have instant attraction, but it is magical after all. Their needs for just what each other has to offer made them well drawn and loveable.

When you want just a taste of romance, give this one a try- yummy chocolate included.


Reviewer: Belinda Boring
November 30th


For the full review please click here:



Reviewer: Wendy Mitchell
November 26, 2011

GHOST OF A CHANCE: Overall rating: 
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Deena Remiel’s books always leave me feeling upbeat and positive. In Ghost of a Chance, Deena’s sweetness and optimism are clearly evident.




“Will you join me over here or shall I join you in the mysterious shadows?”

“You’re lovely over there. Stay. The way the light plays against your hair and sparkles in your eyes, well…you’re breathtaking, Susannah.”

Rendered speechless by his intensity, she stood as still as the statue they spoke of, and… blushed. Her cheeks were on fire! Get a grip, Susannah! “Thank you. I….I, heck.” She blew out a breath and started again. “Come over here so we can sit and get better acquainted.”

He still didn’t move. Is he so shy that he hides behind trees and in shadows?

“Do you think I’ll get to see you before the night is over?” She heard a soft chuckle. Good, maybe a little humor will loosen him up.

“Perhaps. I’m a bit nervous, as you can no doubt tell. I haven’t had any success with this kind of thing before.”

She took a step toward him—she would have to be the aggressor. “Neither have I, and I’m a little nervous, too.”

“You mentioned in your bio you were interested in a magical experience. One that would ‘sweep you away’.” His voice cracked, and he cleared his throat.

“Yes, I am.” She inched closer to the frozen, outlined figure.

“Before you take another step, you should know I’m different.”

“I read in the New York Times that you became reclusive about ten years ago. You’ve taken great strides toward ending that by being here now.”

“There’s a reason why I keep to myself. It may startle you, so be prepared. I am very much on the magical side of this world at the moment.”

Before she could move, he did, which brought him out of the shadows and into the light. Susannah gasped, startled at the transparency of the man who stood before her. Nervous laughter bubbled in her throat.

“What is this, some kind of joke? A holographic image projected here while you hide safe and secure in your room?”

“I’m afraid not. I’ve been living an alternative lifestyle lately.” He opened his arms as if to show himself off and let them fall back to his sides. “And this is all I am. I’m a ghost of a man, Susannah.”


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