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I’m so excited to share the chat screen with my buddies, JoAnne Kendrick, Gracen Miller, and Nicole Hicks! We’ll be chatting about PNR, our books, and ANYTHING else you want! It all starts at 5pm PST, so get there early and set up for a blast and a half. Door prizes and much more! Here’s the link to get started: 

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Decadent Publishing Scores BIG with 1-Night Stand Series

We all enjoy a nice juicy full-length romance novel, but these days, I personally am finding it harder and harder to find the time I like to give to immerse myself for hours on end, losing myself in the story and falling in love with the main characters. So, what’s a girl to do?

Have no fear! Decadent Publishing has created a line of romance short stories that have whetted my appetite and sated it all at the same time. I read my first 1-Night Stand story a Fairy Casanovafew months back. It was Gracen Miller’s Fairy Casanova.I LOVE fairies… a lot. I was drawn to her gorgeous cover and the story inside it. And that’s when I fell for my first short.  Gracen’s story was the perfect “gateway drug” because I was hooked!

I’ve since bought more. Yes, I BOUGHT them. I’ve read stories from Valerie Mann, Clarissa Yip,  and JoAnne Kendrick, and I’m not done yet! They’re very economical! And I continue to be satisfied with the length and the intensity of the stories. It really is an art to provide a  full-bodied story that leaves the reader completely satisfied in under 12,000 words. So I got caught up in the excitement, and wound up writing a 1-Night Stand story of my own.

Ghost of a ChanceAs many of you know, I just released my first 1-Night Stand paranormal story yesterday. Ghost of a Chance is a steamy, sweet romance between two lost souls. I’ve totally fallen for my tortured hero, Remy Charles. Never have I ever considered making love with a ghost, but let me tell you something, Remy changed all that!

So now, what do I do about reading? Well, I’m gonna keep reading my short stories when I don’t have the time for more but need an escape, and return to my full-length novels when I’m available to get lost for a good long while. I think that’s a great compromise. It’s win-win for me!

When you click on the banner below, it will take you to the  1-Night Stand catalog page, of which there are many. There are wonderful stories to choose from, including mine. See if you don’t get hooked, too. Ha ha ha



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Have I got a story for you! Gracen Miller’s Pandora’s Box…

I started reading Pandora’s Box and I must share something with you. Now don’t tell anyone but, I kept on exclaiming out loud, shaking my head, and then getting all hot and bothered! Gracen knows horror and romance like nobody’s business, my friends. I’m so pleased  to call her friend and to present this wonderful horror/romance story. Here’s the blurb… 

Where does the road to Hell begin?

What happens when your son turns homicidal overnight and your husband disappears on his way to work? Do you cower in fear or fight for your life? Madison Wescott fights against the odds. Distrustful of a God she doesn’t believe in, she finds herself face-to-face with a world she didn’t know existed and discovers her own soul is darkened with demonic connections.

With good intentions? Or by demonic design?

Phoenix Birmingham bursts into Madison’s life in a whirlwind of sarcasm and sexual appeal. A hero for the masses—and for her jaded heart—but few will ever know the sacrifices he has made or the sacrifices to come. Discovering her entire life has been influenced by multifaceted paranormal beings, Madison is determined to defeat the apocalyptic blueprint fate has decreed, but only one man dares to challenge the supernatural forces manipulating them. Even with Phoenix’s aid, can destiny be denied? Or will demonic design prevail while they pay the crucial price with their souls?

In a small, sleepy Alabama town the battle for mankind’s liberty has begun…

Pandora’s Box Buy Links:

Decadent Publishing



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I’m so excited to share with you that Elena Gray has a story being published in an anthology this October! Her story is called, The Evil Within, and all I can say is… my heart is racing! If the first seven pages are any indication, the rest of the story is going to require me to write myself a note and stick it to me. You know what that note is going to say? BREATHE!

I’ve been so blessed to meet Elena! A writer’s journey is so much more fun when experienced with others. I’m so happy to watch Elena’s journey and be there for the highs and lows.

Here’s a very special snippet from The Evil Within…

Claire clenched the sheets in her hands, her palms growing clammy. Fear crawled through her skin like tiny spiders.

She sensed movement in the corner. A soft shushing sound.


She held her breath listening. The snap and pop of the fire the only other sound in the room.

A noise came from the door.



Claire’s head snapped to the entrance.



Her heart slammed against her ribcage. Her mouth dry.

An image of death and decay crept into her mind. A corpse clawing it’s way into her room. Flesh torn and rotting. Her stomach churned, bile rising up her throat.

Horrified she watched as the doorknob twisted.

Claire choked back a scream as the groan of the hinges sliced through the room.

 A dark figure silhouetted in the opening.

She struggled to breathe, the air thick like tar.

Her staggered breathing pierced the silence.


He took a step towards her. Firelight captured emerald green eyes.

Dread twisted her stomach.

“Claire,” drifted across the room in a raspy whisper….

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PROPHECY TOUR Day 2: Picky Paranormal


It’s the age-old question… do you like shifters or vampires? As if one couldn’t like them both. I’ve come to find that many of us do like them both, however, I’ve also learned that there is definitely a preference of one over the other. People spend a lot of time making their Venn Diagrams and T-charts explaining why we should love one more than the other. I believe, no matter what evidence you put before me, this preference is unique to each individual. So, I’ve decided to explore my preference on the psychological level, leaving charts and graphs behind, and instead, looking to my primal desires. Please feel free to add your take on this hot debate in the comment section below.

To begin, let me state for the record, that although I like both shifter and vamp, I am moreso a shifter fan. There it is. I put it out there. So now, to explore the reason why shifters have my heart. First, how does one become enamoured by fictional characters in the first place? It’s because the authors have woven a seductive tale with rich, tantalizing descriptions of heroes we’d love to have encounters with, and heroines we’d like to be. We get carried away as it is with mere mortal subjects. When we then add into the mix a host of immortal creatures as heroes, with physical traits we’d love to touch and a magnetism unparalleled by humans, well, it’s a heady concoction, to say the least.

My foray into the paranormal world began with vampires, so I must pay them their due. They are usually written as sexy, lithe creatures of the night. They have mesmerizing eyes and a one-track mind when it comes to their true desire. I am transfixed by the notion of feeding off of each other and doing so while sharing unbridled passion. Very hot stuff. And seriously, who doesn’t love watching wistfully the sexy moves of Angel or Spike, or the vamps of True Blood? But as a woman fantasizing about her perfect mate, something leaves me yearning. A heartbeat, perhaps.


What is it about shapeshifters that attracts me so? I believe my desires are found at first on a very primitive level. Shapeshifters are animal. I am animal. Shapeshifters are predatory, and I am their prey, but not for a kill, for love. They seek out their one true mate. I fantasize over that kind of eternal connection, that need for another that supersedes all else. To be on somebody’s one-track mind with the intent on mutual everlasting love.

A fierce, protective nature is alluring, as well. That, partnered with a body sculpted to muscular perfection is a big draw for me. Oh yeah, I would love to feel protected in the most primal way. Sure, I’m a fierce woman when it comes to protecting my children. But I fantasize about the protectiveness of a shifter over me, his body thrumming under my hands as we walk through a forest; he as a wolf or big cat, keyed up and ready to pounce on any threat, or turning into a man ready to pounce on me.


And that heartbeat! I need a heartbeat and warmth from my man. A shifter can give me that. In fact, I don’t mind extreme heat at all. That’s why I moved to Arizona. So, although they tend to run really hot, that’s not a problem for me. I’d like to thank all the authors out there who have written shifter books or who’ve included shifters in their stories. You have me forever yearning for the impossible, but that’s okay. That’s what fantasy is all about.

Now to make matters more difficult, I’ve fallen in love with another paranormal creature! The ANGEL. My angels, to be exact, the Brethren. I started writing my angels when there were none to be had. I made them heroes, with complications. I made them hot and sexy, and nothing like the angels of religious lore. And I became infatuated. Just look at them… you will be, too. Just imagine what those muscled arms and wings can do! If you’ve read Trinity or Brethren Beginnings, well, you already know!


**So readers, at your most primal level, who floats your boat? Who speaks to your most primal needs and gives you what you  fantasize about? Shifter or Vampire OR ANGEL? Tell me in the comment space below and you could win a Brethren Disciple bracelet and removable tattoo wings!

**Then, go over to Gracen’s and Elena’s websites for their paranormal exploration!**

Prophecy Tour Day 1: How I Create a Moment to Swoon Over

Welcome one and all to our PROPHECY TOUR, 2011! Gracen Miller, Elena Gray, and I have teamed up to bring you three days of fascinating fun at all three of our websites. There’s in-depth discussion of our craft, paranormal chit-chat, and promotions galore!

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How I Create a Moment to Swoon Over

What is it that I do that compels a book reviewer such as the Bookish Snob to create a Top Ten List of reasons why a person should read Trinity, and they’re all swooning moments from the book? What have I done to be dubbed Queen of the Swoonworthy? I create moments in my story that you wish belonged to you.

But let me set the stage for you before we go any farther. You are now going to a place devoid of all screaming, demanding children. There are no husbands begging for “Me Time”. No dinner to be cooked or laundry to be cleaned. You are going to a place where it’s just you and the book you’ve been dying to read. Let’s just say it’s mine. *wink, wink*

Before my words can work their magic on you, YOU must be in the right frame of mind and in the right place. People may argue the point that it doesn’t matter where they are or how loud it is around them, a great author can take us away and void out all distraction. I agree. However, I venture to say that when we get some quiet time, we go back and reread those juicy parts. Quiet affords us the opportunity to feel, see, touch, taste, and hear our story unfold in a deeper, more empathetic way.

Whether we’ve ever experienced falling in love personally or not, we have all felt it vicariously through books, TV shows, and movies. We may never have had the private pleasure and pain of it, but we share in its emotional and physiological effects on the characters we’ve grown to care about. We feel sadness, anger, joy, heartache. Our hearts race, our stomachs clench, goosebumps arise, and sometimes we find ourselves shouting out loud because of something someone has said or done in the story.

So now that we’re in a good place, let’s examine what I do specifically to make you swoon. I’ll take a passage from Top Ten Reasons To Read Trinity by Deena Remiel,by the Bookish Snob. After reading it, I will explain how I got there.

 “God knows, I love you, Emma.” He placed a light kiss on her temple and whispered against her ear. “I’ve never known before the rapture a simple touch could bring or the joy of sharing all that I am with another whose heart is kind and true. You’ve brought these gifts to me. You’ve awakened the man inside the angel.”

Uh huh. I know. I’ll just give you a moment to collect yourselves.  If only. LOL That’s part of it! IF ONLY! “If only my husband or boyfriend would say stuff like that to me.” OR… “If only I could hear those words said to me again.” I write what I would love to hear from someone who’s fallen desperately in love with me.

When I write my scenes, I use my skill of empathy to anticipate what a character will say or do. No matter how many people are in a scene, I am hopping inside their heads, and then I speak for them and feel for them and act for them. It’s physically and emotionally exhausting to me, as the writer, to go through this process time and again, but I do this to give my stories a sense of authenticity.

So, the next time you go to write, think about what you’d like to hear said to you. Think about how you’d like to be treated. The next time you read a romance novel, feel free to insert yourself into the role of choice again. In either case, prepare to fall in love over and over again.

I leave you with a song that makes me swoon…

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