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I’d like to thank TM Williams for tagging me in this fun blog tour. I love talking process. I am a teacher, after all. So talking about my affair with the writing process  is what I call a great time. So let me begin… 

1) What am I working on?

Maybe I should ask what AREN’T I working on!

I am currently in the processing of releasing two novellas in a series called, Love Among the Ruins. The first novella, Immortal Dance, just released this past week, and the next one, Burning Sage, will release soon. They both are set in mysterious or mythological places and ar very romantic! I’ve  been working on a novel I’m getting the rights back to soon. I’ve freshened it up, added bonus material and had fun creating a new cover with my awesome cover artist. I returned to my romantic suspense WIP that I am submitting to a publisher. Once I push send and I’m waiting for paperwork and such, I’ll go directly into writing the next Book Waitress book, Rock-a-Bye Demon. I’m hoping to start my fourth Brethren novel, Angel Rising, later this summer. 

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre? 

When I started out writing the Brethren Series, I decided to make them less like fallen angels and more like superheroes with issues. There is no question who’s on the side of Good in my novels, even if Satan makes it extremely difficult along the way!  When I created the Book Waitress Series, I asked a curious and scary  “what if” and answered it with a unique and terrifying situation involving a socially awkward librarian. I asked, “What if during a near death experience, instead of seeing a bright light, a family member who’d passed, or angels, we saw Satan coming for us?” My librarian, my Book Waitress, answers that question.  I team her up with a quirky crew to fight against Satan’s return for her and for the sake of the world. What makes the Book Waitress Series different, as well, is that I release a new novella in the series every four months. Every three novellas is combined into a seamless full-length novel.

3) Why do I write what I do? 

I have a fascination with Good versus Evil and the idea of immortality. I think it comes from all the horror movies I watched as a kid AND listening to the news, hearing about all the sick, twisted things people do to each other. I figure there MUST be something evil within these people to behave so depraved.  All of my books dip into the dark realm of a human’s (or immortal’s) capacity for evil. 


4) How does your writing process work? 

I usually come up with a seed of an idea, let it percolate in my brain for a bit, and then it’s marathon time! I tend to come up with a loose sketch, a few sentences about the story on the whole, then I go deeper. I create character bios, and spend a lot of time molding them so that they are as real as can be. Then I focus on the setting. I research these places so that I can bring it to life for my readers. Finally, I write a short synopsis, a paragraph or two to keep me on track, however, I don’t feel married to it. It’s only NOW that I can begin to write my story. I’m a linear writer, so when I begin, I write sequentially, as opposed to other authors who can write scenes here and there and patch them together. I usually revise what I’ve written the day before and move on. When I’m finished with the first draft, I go right back and start from the beginning to revise and edit before sending my work off to be edited. Finally, while waiting, I do what any author would do… write some more!


I hope you enjoyed seeing into my writing process. Take a look around the site at the fruits of my labor. I wish you all well on your own writing  journeys!


Smile Somebody Loves You New Year’s Eve Blog Hop


When we look ahead at the new year approaching, it’s filled with possibilities. All it takes for those possibilities to come to fruition is our determination and perseverance to see that the steps necessary to make those possibilities a reality are executed well.

As a fiction writer, romance to be exact, I thought I’d share with you the dreams  that a couple of my favorite heroines have for the coming year. Until I type a word, their stories have endless possibilities!

1. Hannah Livingston, from TRINITY(A Brethren Novel):

It’s been 30 human years. Hannah is all grown up, at 36, and about to become immortal, just like her parents Emma and Michael. Her dream, for as long as she can remember, has been to fight alongside the Brethren warriors, and like most people, to find an eternal love of her own. But, who will it be? She yearns to be able to share her life completely with another, but has been bound by law to hold back. Can she continue keeping secrets from a mortal lover for the sake of normalcy, or will the inevitable threaded connection between them make that impossible? She may decide to seek another of her kind who she can be totally open and honest with about everything. But who?

     cassiel      Doug_Reinhardt  

IT’S UP TO ME TO LISTEN TO HANNAH’S HEART, PROVIDE HER WITH POSSIBILITIES, AND LET HER CHOOSE… Will it be Kemuel, Brethren Warrior and Class A lunkhead? Gabriel, Brethren Protector and longtime friend and colleague? Cassiel, Brethren Savior and close friend? Or someone completely unexpected???

ANGEL RISING (A Brethren Novel, #4),  coming soon!

2. Camille Dutton,  from The Book Waitress Series:

camillePossibilities abound for our reluctant heroine! Camille is facing a long, dangerous road to the world’s salvation and Satan’s ultimate demise. What does she dream will become reality during this coming year? With no hope of wrapping things up quickly and closing Hell’s portal, she dreams of days filled with demon slaying and endless nights of passion with her own personal ice demon, JaxSynn. She wishes that the brutal demon crossing over warning system her body has become somehow breaks so that the agonizing attacks will end. In the deep recesses of her mind, tucked away neatly, she hopes that when this quest for human survival is over, JaxSynn will choose to stay with her.

ice demon

WHAT KIND OF EVILS AWAIT HER ON THIS MORTAL MISSION? JUST HOW MANY ENDLESS NIGHTS OF TORRID LOVEMAKING WILL SHE HAVE WITH JAXSYNN BEFORE SOMETHING GETS IN THEIR WAY? If she plays her cards right, it’s gonna be a bumpy, hair-raising, “oh, you really went there” kinda ride. Am I sadistic towards the characters I love so much? Only when it comes to writing the best story possible.

A-HUNTING WE WILL GO (Book Waitress, #4), coming soon!

AND NOW FOR MY wishes and dreams for the coming year…

Naturally, I want my family, friends, and I to be happy, healthy, and prosperous in the new year. In particular, and tapping into my publishing aspirations, I am working toward a coveted spot on the USA TODAY and/or NYTBS author list. Lofty goals, to be sure. But there was a time when the possibility of getting a first book published was a pie-in-the-sky dream for me. I’ve come a long way in just four years.

Tell me what possibilities lay ahead for you this coming year and you are entered to win an eBook of your choice from my collection!

**Grand Prize will be drawn on January 3, 2014**

The Grand prize, which will be chosen from the rafflecopter at the bottom of the page will include: a $150.00 Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card (winners choice) SSLY Key Chain, a signed copy of Bohemian Grove by T.M. Williams, an E-book of Maverick Touch: The Cat by Ashley Nemer, e-book Scorned (LeKrista Scott, Vampire Hunted) by Tyffani Clark Kemp, paperback copy of Summertime by Christina Cole, a signed copy of Mail Order Brides of the West: Trudy by Debra Holland and an awesome prize, a 30 minute tarot card reading via Skype or telephone by author Shauna Aura Knight!(I wish I could win this one!)



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PARANORMAL Fragment Fridays Hop


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{The second escaped convict had intended to get revenge on an ex-girlfriend who’d turned him into the police. Nathanael touched down right behind Jake Fremont as he took a container of gasoline from the bed of a presumably stolen pick-up truck. Looked like he was planning on torching the house in front of them. “Jake Fremont!” he whispered ominously in his ear, and then he flew behind a tree.

The guy jumped and spilled the gasoline on his pants. “Shit! What the fuck?” He turned around and around looking like a dog chasing his tail.

“Jake Fremont,” Nathanael taunted as he floated down before him, “you are hereby charged with two counts of murder and one count of being a stupid ass for thinking you could escape prison. You are hereby sentenced to Brethren justice. Any last words before you die, you worthless piece of scum?”

“I…I….” Jake stood frozen, and dropped the bottle on the ground.

“I…I….” The Warrior mocked him and unsheathed his sword, waving it about with flair. “I didn’t do it? Wrong. It was an accident? No, douchebag, thirty-five stab wounds isn’t an accident. Prepare to meet your new prison boyfriend: Satan. And tell him, you’re number three.”

Jake tried to flee. “You run like a sissy, Fremont!” He flew after him and cut him down mid-stride. The head rolled to the gutter as the rest of the body crumpled like a ragdoll.

“Clean up in Aisle Hell, please.” Nathanael let out a maniacal laugh and cried at the same time. “Ah!” He held his head and shook uncontrollably. The ecstasy of the kill collided with the pain of Satan’s choking grasp on him.}


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All month long, I plan on showing my gratitude for these wonderful men who grace our covers, blogs, and websites. These men have given us fantasies a-plenty! The particular men I am focusing on are on the covers of my books. I shall spend THIS week sharing my third. Wherever possible, I shall mention their names… 

Nathanael, from ELIXXIR, a Brethren Novel… (otherwise known as Jimmy Thomas)

nathanael  ElixxirFinalMedium



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