Menage a Blog Tour – Teased By an Angel

#1 Bestselling Urban Fantasy on SmashwordsTeased by an Angel

Come closer, closer, my sweet Disciples. I’m feeling  flirty today and I’ve involved myself in a MENAGE with Amber Scott and Carolyn McCray.  Visit their sites to get FREE READS from them, and come back to mine for more sexy goodies! For a list of all the authors experiencing menages of their own, use this as your Home Base:

I know what you want. I know what you need. And you can have it… for free! Just manifest yourselves in the comment area below, include your email addy, and you can be teased and touched by an angel in mere moments.

That’s right! Anyone who answers my question below will receive a coupon code for a FREE eBOOK of Brethren Beginnings! That means you’re getting up close and personal with three Brethren, immortal angels, for absolutely nothing! Tell your friends! They’ll want to be teased and touched, as well, I’m sure.

So you want to be teased some more, do you? Well I can certainly oblige. One lucky commenter will win a gift package of delectable goodies from me: a Jimmy Thomas limited edition calendar, a Brethren T-shirt, a Brethren mousepad and pen, a Relic keyring, a Disciple bracelet, and kissable Brethren Lip Balm.

That’s still not enough?! Well, okay… HOW ABOUT A CHANCE TO WIN A FREE KINDLE from the Indie Book Collective?!!!! Commenters on my site will be entered!!!

Anyone ever watch the TV show, “Touched by an Angel”? It’s been quite a while since it’s been on network TV, but you can find it on the Hallmark Channel Monday through Friday. It stars Roma Downey, Della Reese, John Dye, Valerie Bertinelli. Monica, Tess, and Andrew are a trio of angels sent to earth to tell depressed and troubled people that God loves them and they haven’t been forgotten.

Let me put it out there real loud and clear so there is no mistaking my message. THE BRETHREN ARE NOT THOSE KIND OF ANGELS. Just look at my covers! Do they look like they’re spreading God’s love around? You may wind up having a religious experience when looking at them, but that’s about as far as it goes!  Just ask my sponsors!

Visit my fabulous sponsors at their sites and show them some love! Pick your favorite review, and then tell them this specific comment: “I keep my enemies close, but my Brethren angels closer!”

Brethren have a serious purpose for manifesting on earth. They signed on to protect the human race from Evil. There are times when they wage war against Evil and must save humans from its clutches. Now Evil can take on many forms, and the Brethren’s stories chronicle their run-ins over millennia.

But just look at those wings, those muscles! Speaking of wings, you must check out Amber Scott’s Elijah, from Fierce Dawn. He has wings and a great body, too, and adds so much to the MENAGErie of angels we have going here. Brethren peak at over 6 feet 5 inches. They’re wide as a Mack truck, and boast powerful muscles that can melt a woman’s heart with their gentleness.

Fierce Dawn introduces us to the possibilities of another realm existing alongside ours. Elijah is a tantalizing lead character who I would love to see in my dreams as Sadie has. Send your love Amber’s way by visiting and learning more about Fierce Dawn at her site:
 For more scrumptious delights you should visit with Carolyn McCray’s Traven, from 7 Folds of Winter. I enjoy reading fantasy, and I can honestly say I couldn’t tear myself away from Crystalia’s and Traven’s story. Wonderful folklore is woven throughout this epic adventure to save the world from succumbing to the ruthless clutches of a stark-raving mad Winter King. The cast of characters will endear themselves to you, so go meet them and their creator, Carolyn McCray, at her blog:

Here’s my question for you. Answer it, and you know what you get instantly? A coupon code to to get a FREE EBOOK OF BRETHREN BEGINNINGS VOLUME 1! And you are entered to win my awe-inspiring gift package along with being entered for a chance to win a free KINDLE!


*If an angel appeared before you, what would you say or ask?*

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260 Comments Add yours

  1. Good morning love the blog and the tease:)

  2. I liked touch by an angel.

  3. Theresa says:

    I can honestly say that if one of ‘your’ angels appeared before me, I wouldn’t be able to say a damn thing! lol

  4. I would ask if the angel was my guardian and whywas he here

  5. hi Deena! stopping by to show my support for you and the rest of the featured authors. when i read your question, the first thing that came to mind was my Mom. she passed away last ’09. if i met an angel, i would want to know how Mom is and if she has any message for me and my siblings and her grandchildren. i’d also ask the angel to tell my Mom that we love her and truly miss her so much.

    thanks for the freebie and the chance to win goodies and a KINDLE! c”,)

  6. Kitty says:

    I’d ask: “Can you help me to die at home in my own bed?”

  7. Meg says:

    I can certainly say that after reading your blog post, I was more than teased. I am completely intrigued to read your book! I cannot wait to have it in my hands.

    Good luck on the rest of your tour!

  8. Holly wright says:

    I would say, “hi handsome”

  9. Stephanie Overton says:

    Well . . . Hmmm, if an Angel appeared before me . . . I think I would ask for a little attitude adjustment for my children. Yeah, that’s it . . that would be an awesome gift.

    Stephanie O.

  10. Jaime says:

    “My…what big wings you have…”

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Of course, I remember Touched By An Angel. This is fun, kind of like a scavenger hunt!

  12. Jc Martin says:

    How about “Can I ruffle your feathers?” 🙂

    Thanks for the chances to win!

  13. Regina Shiderly says:

    😮 I would probably say “Thank God, an escort, cause I am hopeless without a gps!”

  14. I would say “Am I dead! and boy do you have big white wings!”

  15. Theresa says:

    Oh, my!! Naughty angels 8-P!! What would I ask… um… “Are those real?”
    Good luck and thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Pam Lash says:

    I’ll take the traditional path with “are my family members there and will there be a place for me?” I look forward to reading your book. Thanks for the chance.

  17. Pinky says:

    Hi there,
    If I were approached by an Angel I would ask them to heal me. I miss being able to do things and would LOVE to never take another pain pill.

    Good luck with the blog, wishing you all the best!


  18. Saph says:

    Hi and thank you for being part of the Menage a Blog!
    If an angel appeared in front of me I know I’d be at a loss for words, in total awe, and probably start shaking (out of nervousness) and if the angel happened to be a really hot guy, I’d probably faint. Once I compose myself I might be able to spit out a question like “How you doin’?”
    Seriously though, I’d probably ask him/her why they manifested themselves to me? Are they my guardian or did they come to warn me about something?

  19. Loves To Dive says:

    Now that’s a hard question. Would he look like Nicolas Cage in City of Angels? If so my question would be different than if he looked like my mother. I’m thinking my question would have to be “Do you ever talk to the big guy in person?”
    lvs2dv (at) gmail (dot) come

  20. Leanne says:

    Great idea! Love it! how long have you and the authors been planning this? 🙂

  21. Eden Baylee says:

    To that lovely angel appearing in front of me – I’d say “Hey there handsome, want me to fluff your feathers?”


  22. Nancy Black says:

    If a Angel appeared to me I would ask for my TRUE Love to come to I blew my chances years ago by marrying (and divorcing) the wrong guy. My true love was right in front of me and instead I picked the BAD Boy type. .Well he was exciting, what can I say?

    nblack at twcny dot rr dot com

  23. Kellie S says:

    Flirt?! pfffttt! Is it to early to propose marriage? 😉

  24. If an angel appeared before me? I would ask them to say hello to my grandmothers for me….

  25. Lawd, we don’t do enough flirting on facebook, do we? LOL Loved your post, Deena.

    Now to your question…if an angel appeared before me what would I ask? I’d probably be speechless first, but then I’d ask to touch those magnificient wings!


  26. Sharon S. says:

    “can I lick your abs?” okay, maybe I wouldn’t say this out loud, maybe 😉 I would ask them to watch over my children and keep them safe.

    Thanks! I have been secretly coveting your covers and I think it is time to read them! I love me some smexy angel stories.

    1. You are SOOOOO my kinda girl! I’d have my tongue to abs in 0.00005 seconds! Love it!

  27. Maggie says:

    If an angel appeared I am sure the first thing out of my mouth would be, “Am I dead”?

  28. deenaremiel says:

    Oh my word, people! You rock with these answers! From sweet (hello granny) to HOT(lickin’ those abs) I LOVE all of your comments!! Tell all of your friends to come on by and add their two cents to the mix! Love you! Deena

  29. Debbie Talbot says:

    Hi Deena, You know I love you and your Brethren. I can’t wait to read about there Beginnings. I remember Touch by and Angel. I really loved that show. What would I ask an Angel? I would probably have to use the opportunity for what it was an ask them to heal by daughter so she can live a normal life without being tired and in pain.
    I hate to put a downer on our Menage today so back to the fun. I want to know what you would say to the Angel?

    1. deenaremiel says:

      I’d say, “Where have you been all my life?” and ” Make me yours forever!” LOL

      1. very you Deena, I can just see you standing next to some very hot Angel and saying that.

        1. deenaremiel says:

          LMAO U huh! Uh huh! LMAO

  30. Julie Witt says:

    Well, after I recovered from fainting, I would ask if heaven is real, and if I would see my family again. It would be very, very cool to see one, although a bit scary too!

    Thanks for this great, fun blog tour! What a great idea 🙂

    jwitt33 at live dot com

  31. LT says:

    I love being TEASED, Touched, tasted, and tapped by YOUR Angels anytime Deena

  32. Michelle Bledsoe says:

    Oh Deena, if it’s yours or Amber’s angels that appear before me, I am afraid I would melt into a puddle of quivering lust. Surely you cannot expect a woman to form a coherent thought when presented with such heavenly purrfection. LOL.
    I can’t wait to start reading the Brethern series. I have heard such wonderful things about your book. Keep up the wonderful work. Your readers sure do appreciate you.
    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

  33. Diana says:

    I love your wings. Can we fly together?
    Thank you very much!!!

  34. If I had an Angel appear before me I would ask them to continue to watch over my family…On to a lighter note…your cover is omgoodness delicious looking…

    thank u for this opportunity…

    1. email addy just in case it didnt go through…

      1. deenaremiel says:

        Got it and sent already. 😀

  35. LorettaLynn says:

    Im not 100% sure what i would say but
    I love your wings can i fell them 😉
    or can you wrap me up in those wings of yours..
    I could keep going but i should leave some for some Angel fans too:):)


  36. Christy Gibbon says:

    “What did I do?” would be the first words out of my mouth. Your book definitely sounds and looks yummy.

  37. OK, so I’m typicall into the angel fantatsy books, but between you and Amber, I better start!

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Don’t worry, I’ve got enough angels to keep you well and seduced all the time, Angela! First, you can read Brethren Beginnings, then go grab yourself a copy of TRINITY. Now, Bookish has a published Top Ten List of Swoon moments in that book. Can’t beat that! 😀

    2. deenaremiel says:

      Angela, having trouble emailing you the code. Please email me at deenaremiel(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

  38. Desere says:

    Hello Deena !
    It might sound corney but I would ask for world peace I want us all to get alone and no more killings !

  39. I would ask….”Could I please touch your wings?”

  40. I might ask if the angel was my guardian…or I might ask if a higher being truly existed -.- edysicecreamlover18@gmailDOTcom

  41. Tonya Nelson says:

    What would I say/ask? “Will you watch over my family and little ones?” They mean the world to me. Then I would ask about my brother. I miss him now that he is at peace!

    I can’t wait to read more!! Thank you!

  42. Mary Keith says:

    Oh what a tease! 🙂 If I saw an angel, I would say it’s about time you came to visit me. I’ve been waiting sooooooo long…lol Thanks for a great contest.
    Mary Keith

  43. Marlene says:

    What would I say? You mean, if I didn’t faint? I’d probably ask if I was dead.
    I’d ask if there really is a heaven, and is my dad there, and is he happy? And about a couple of my friends who are gone.

    And how high can you fly with those wings, anyway?

  44. Bama says:

    I would say send me Alexander Skarsgaard PRONTO! 😛

    1. deenaremiel says:

      BAMA AND JOANNA B …Email me! Having trouble sending BB to you! deenaremiel(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

      1. Bama says:

        ok! will do!

        1. Bama says:


      2. JoAnna B says:

        I emailed you as well. 🙂

  45. JoAnna B says:

    I can only ask one thing? What is heaven like? Are my love ones there and waiting for me?
    Can’t wait to read your story!

    Beckerjo at verizon dot net

  46. Denise Z says:

    I absolutely love your writing and so look forward to reading Brethren Beginnings. I first became involved with the indie author following about a year ago and I cannot thank you all enough for opening this reader’s eyes to the possibilities out there with so many wonderful affordable reads and new (to me) writers to follow on your roads to success. I think I might actually be a little flustered if an angel appeared to me today and when you posed the question the first thing that came to my mind was “Beam me up Scotty” silly I know but hey if we are going for the fantasy lets take it all the way! Thank you for being part of this fun event today, I have shared about it with my friends and hope you all get a bunch of new readers / fans like me to enjoy your work.


  47. I used to watch Touched By an Angel, but I enjoy reading about other types of angels as well. 🙂 Best of luck with the blog tour!

  48. Oh gosh… do you want an appropriate answer or a scandalous one? LOL If an angel appeared before me, I think I’d be in awe and left speechless. If YOUR angels appeared before me, I’d be speechless too but only because I’m be too busy kissing, licking and sighing to talk! The Brethren are HOT and all that fierceness makes me melt! Send them my way ANY TIME!

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Oh honey, they’re right at your door step. 😉

      1. I seriously just got the tingles and had the insane urge to go check. Nathanael makes me WEAK in the knees and I can’t even begin to imagine a kiss from him. Him… pressing me up against the wall, lip locked… the intensity…. the passion… !00% pure hard muscles! SIGH… I think I need to go cool myself off!

        1. deenaremiel says:

          Girl! You got me running for the fan, too! Whew! LOL

  49. Hi Deena…wow your cover is HOT!!! If I met an angel I would ask them about people in my life that have passed. Anyways your book sounds great, can’t wait to read it!

  50. I love this blog tour idea — every author should be looking at this and stealing the idea!

  51. Toni says:

    Wow Hon, you are going to be busy today! What would I ask/say to an angel……Hey Gorgeous!! Can I have a ride? I know lame, but it’s too damn early for me. Late night of reading. tsteinerid(gmail)

  52. If one of the Brethren angels appeared I’d be too busy drooling. I might be able to mutter, oooh yummy 😛
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. Love the teaser! If an angel appeared, I’d ask – what’s it like to live in your world?


  54. Your book looks delicious! LOL, the first thing that came to my mind at your question was, “Are you naughty or nice?” then I’d want him to take me flying 😉 Good luck!

  55. deenaremiel says:

    You folks are awesome! I’m digging these responses! And each of you, as you know, is getting a personal response from me via email. 🙂 Thanks for playing along, and tell all of your friends to stop by, too! I’m hoping for over 200 responses. That’s right! I want to give away 200 books today! Woohoo! 😀

  56. Tracy Riva says:

    i think I’d say “Can you take me away from all of this for just a little while? You know, wrap me up in those wings and make me forget about all things earthly for a few hours, or a night, or…well you get the idea. 🙂

    rivawriter at

  57. Rhonda Beyer says:

    I think I’d say I’ve died and gone to
    my email is.

  58. Ardee-ann says:

    Hold me just a minute and let me know that everything will be okay. (What more could someone say or ask?)

  59. Cyndy says:

    This is so much fun! I loved that show. Kept me in tears each time I watched in. Well, if an angel appeared before me I would be speechless because that would mean God has a message for me!

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Having trouble with your email addy , Cyndy. Can you email me at deenaremiel(AT)yahoo(DOT)com?

  60. Tami Vinson says:

    Without hesitation I’d ask to touch his wings! Going for the sweet spot!! 🙂

  61. Calico Crazy says:

    Does drool count… That’s all I could think of looking at your cover, yum! Maybe I’d be able to choke out a hello.

  62. Love it!! Looking forward to reading this. Hmmm, if an angel appeared before me, I would ask it if it would like some tea. And crumpets. With hot butter…

  63. Angi Morgan says:

    I’ve always loved Angel books. Looking forward to it.

  64. Lacey says:

    Well, Deena…if it was one of YOUR angels I think I would prefer to speak in tongues, if you know what I mean! LOL

  65. Kiru Taye says:

    If one of ‘your’ angels turned up, I’d be left speechless that’s for sure. LOL.

    But hey, I wanna meet them, so send me the book. 😮

  66. Krissy H says:

    I would ask What is heaven like and can I see my mother again:)

  67. *If an angel appeared before you, what would you say or ask?*
    “Are you my personal angel?” and “How do I get me a pair of those (wings)??”

  68. Elena Gray says:

    Deena, I would have to say…”Now that you’re here I can finally stop stalking Deena!” LOL

    Nah…I would never stop stalking you! Muah!!

    1. deenaremiel says:

      AS long as you let me stalk you, sweetie, it’s all good! LOL

  69. If an angel appeared before me, I would ask if could be my guardian angel, and if he could fly me around. That would be really cool, flying around with an angel, if only I could get over the fear of heights thing…
    Book Savvy Babe

  70. If an angel were appear before me, I would probably say….You have such a beautiful soul:)

    thanks for the giveaway,
    Heather powers
    earthsbooknook at blogspot dot com

  71. winnie says:

    If an angel appeared before me, I would probably say something along the lines of “Are you for real?” and “Can I feel those wings?” lol…

    I look forward to reading Brethren Beginnings – it sounds awesome!

  72. Anita Meeks says:

    I would probably say “Are you real??” because I would be in shock


  73. Susan Kresnye says:

    If an angel were to appear before me, I would ask if I can fly with him. And then I would ask if he was REALLY there to see me!!!

    The Brethren rock!

  74. julia hughes says:

    You can believe this or not believe it. On the evening of the first of May (May day in Padstow) I saw a naked man standing over my baby’s cot. I felt no fear but challenged him. ‘What are you doing here?’ ‘Looking after him.’ Was the response. To which I said quite sharply. ‘Thank you, we do that!’ The golden haired pink skinned nuddy smiled & said ‘I know. And you do it very well.’ With that he vanished. Exactly thirteen days later, our shop & flat above burned down. At the last moment, I took my baby with me on my early morning delivery rounds. I came home to find nothing but ashes where my bakery had stood. I saw an angel. My son’s very own guardian angel. True story from Julia

  75. Karen says:

    The book sounds wonderful and I can’t wait to read it! As for the question “If an angel appeared before you, what would you say or ask?”, I’d want to know if everything we have fantasized about them was true.!


    1. deenaremiel says:

      Having trouble with your email addy. Please email me to receive your book. 🙂 deenaremiel(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

  76. If one of Deena’s angels appeared before me, I would point and ask “What’s that over there?”
    Then a would throw a blanket over his head and take him home.

  77. Maria Mercedes says:

    Every man contemplates an angel in his future self.”
    – Ralph Waldo Emerson

    1. deenaremiel says:

      email addy? send to me 😉 deenaremiel(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

  78. Maria Mercedes says:

    I would be speechless……just basking in their “brethenly glow”, staring in complete awe at how magnificant & fearce they can be.

  79. I would probably ask if there was any way to see my husband.

  80. I’d be wanting to meet Gabriel. Talk about hot! Brethren Beginnings is an awesome read. 🙂

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Aw, thanks Jacquie! ❤

  81. Melora says:

    After some speechlessness, I’d ask if St. Peter is still the gatekeeper and what his pet peeves and weak spots are. (I figure they’d be the best and only chance to secure a spot!)

    melorabrock {at} gmail {dot} com

  82. Rhonda Helton says:

    Hey girl, thanks for the chance to win some goodies and A KINDLE? OMGosh! How great are you? I can`t wait to get my free e-book to read, I have been looking forward to reading it!
    If an angel appeared before me, I`d say “oh crap what did I do?”

  83. Angi Gray says:

    Being the suspicious sort, I would likely say “Who are you and what are you doing here?” Possibly followed by “Can I have a couple feathers?”

    I am looking forward to reading your book!

    Angi Gray

  84. Kelli says:

    I would ask how my loved ones in heaven are.

  85. Laura G. says:

    I think if angels are as hot as everyone says they are in your books then I think I would ask:
    “Are you allowed to date in heaven? If so then keep me in mind when I get there!”

    Laura G.

  86. I would ask the angel why it was there. And I’d be hoping it wasn’t the angel of death!

  87. miss nyet says:

    i would ask him if I could hold on to him and take off together to see what it feels to fly like a bird.

  88. deenaremiel says:

    I do believe the Brethren are going to be quite busy visiting you all later tonight! 😉

  89. Amber Scott says:

    I would say…Can I touch it? Can I stroke it? His wing, of course!
    Happy flirting!

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Same to you! 😉 Look out, I’m headed your way!

  90. Mara says:

    I’d say – what is a nice angel like you doing in a place like this?
    Can’t wait to read The Brethren – if only to stare at the cover for hours! Yum
    marajbrandon AT earthlink DOT net

  91. Kristina H says:

    Good lord! That’s a fabulous prize pack. Love Tge cover for Brethrren Beginings!

    I think I’d faint if I saw an angel. Or I’d ask something stupid like, “Are you what I think you are?”

  92. Like everyone else if I were able to speak after one of the hoties appreared before me I’d ask if I could touch his wings*giggle*. or I can’t wait to read all your novellas!

  93. See I’m so fluster I can’t even comment in proper english….lol I meant appeared and

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Yeah, these angels tend to make us a little loopy. hee hee 😉

  94. #uberexcited says:

    Wow, tough one! Um…Id probably say something sarcastic like…”Oh man…bummer! Ok, so…is this elevator going up or down for me?”

  95. Jamie Fiske says:

    I would say….. Could you grant me three wishes!??? Or… Can you make me fly?

  96. *If an angel appeared before you, what would you say or ask?*

    I think, if it was one of yours, I wouldn’t be able to speak…I would be too busy drooling and looking like an idiot! Hehe

  97. Can I would say: Can I take you home with me?
    Deena for the awesome give away ❤ xx

  98. dreamsgate says:

    You know, I don’t know that I would have anything to say, I think I would just stand there like an idiot staring and thinking, “He has wings, real wings, oh my!

    dreamsgate at clearwire dot net

  99. I would ask about my mom. She passed away suddenly last year; I want to know that she is okay.

  100. I forgot email: hnwhitlock2000 at gmail dot com

  101. Janice Grove says:

    “Oh… so you decide to show up NOW?!?”

  102. Theresa says:

    Thanks for a great contest! Your book looks really good!!

  103. dawnhagan says:

    I really really want to win a Kindle! I sure can’t afford to buy one 😦 If one of your sexy angels visited me I would Tell him all angels look that good then take me on to Heaven!

    1. dawnhagan says:

      forgot to leave my e-mail address cause I got so excited lol

  104. Chelsea Rafferty says:

    Great question Deena! If an angel appeared before me, I would ask him “Do you have to be baptized to get into Heaven?” My son’s father claims you HAVE to be baptized or you don’t get to heaven but in the bible I have it talks about “how god so LOVED the world that he gave up his only son and basically to get into Heaven you had to BELIEVE in Jesus Christ.” So yeah, I’m completely curious, is your belief enough to get into heaven? It would seem kind of silly to burn in hell if you BELIEVED but hadn’t been baptized. I have other questions too but that would be my main one.

    swtlilangel4jc at yahoo dot com for the book dear.. I can’t wait to read!

  105. Suzanne says:

    I would ask my angel what I would need to do to be able to walk free again and use my hands without pain.

  106. Jana Boskey says:

    So this is an AMAZING contest!!!! Thank you soooooooooooooo much!! =D ❤

    My email is

    Good luck to everyone!!

  107. Jana Boskey says:

    Shoot I forgot to answer the question. I would ask them if everything they say is true, about the bible about the war between Soddom and Gomorah. Everything.

  108. kaila says:

    if it was the one on the cover of your book i think i’d drool and try to jump him. lol and i love your blog and contest 🙂

  109. Sue Owen says:

    You have the best tease yet. Suductive yet sensual without being overbearing or brass…. well maybe a little overbearing. Either way, I loved it. As for your question would it be one of your angels or Roma’s? If yours, kiss me would be about all I could get out. Roma’s … is it my turn?
    Thanks again for the tease!!

  110. Sue Owen says:

    You have the best tease yet. Seductive yet sensual without being overbearing or brass…. well maybe a little overbearing. Either way, I loved it. As for your question would it be one of your angels or Roma’s? If yours, kiss me would be about all I could get out. Roma’s … is it my turn?
    Thanks again for the tease!!

  111. Leanne says:

    Stopping in for some HUGS! XOXOXOX

  112. Siobhan Muir says:

    If an angel appeared before me, I’d probably be worried my time was up. However, if one of the Brethren showed up, I’d ask if he could watch over me all the time – especially in bed! 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  113. Anne says:

    I’d like to know if we have guardian angels watching over us. There are a ton of other questions too, but that one stands out.

    Thanks for the book. Can’t wait to read it.

  114. kym says:

    Hi Deena, what a FUNN blog hop 🙂

    I use to sit and cry ..watching Touch By an Angel…love the show, sadly my cable dropped Hallmark a few months ago, I was soo disappointed.

    If I met one of your HUNKIE Angels ..Id have to ask ” is that your wings, or are you happy to see me ? ” Sorry, was first thing that came to mind 😉


  115. kym says:

    I forgot ….I meant to send ya some HUGS XXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOXXXX

    1. deenaremiel says:

      I love your hugs! 🙂 Thanks!

  116. Leticha Brewster says:

    If an angel appeared before me I would probably say something stupid like “Where did you come from?”

  117. If an angel appeared before me I would ask, “What is Heaven like?”

  118. acm05 says:

    I’d ask what happens to one’s essence or soul after they die.

  119. acm05 says:

    I’d ask what happens to our essence or soul when we die.

  120. I would ask “Do you tango?”

  121. Not sure I would be able to do anything but drool, let alone put together a complete sentence or question…does “Take me” count?? lol

    Loved this book, and want so much more. your angels are a girl’s dream come true in many forms, good guy, bad guy, funny guy all wrapped up in sexy muscle yumminess. yup, so enter me for the goody basket, but pass on my free book to a random twitter person or such. (I want to spread the love)

    1. deenaremiel says:

      You got it , Ms Miranda! Much love to you!

  122. Wow, what a great question! I would want to know the name of my guardian angel. Whoever he/she is, they’ve been working overtime;)

  123. Erika says:

    Ah crap…. Deena sent you didn’t she??? Well HELLO HANDSOME, but lets get down to business, I’m a scientist so you and I need to do a little experimenting!! LoL

  124. ljszab says:

    If one of your angels appeared before me, talking would be the furthest thing from my mind, lol!

  125. Jen B. says:

    Ok, first I would tell the angel that I have never found a book, movie or tv show that really made me think they were a good representation of angels. Second, are angels former humans or are they born that way (not a Gaga reference)?

  126. Brenda B says:

    Please, show what heaven’s like ❤ ❤ ❤

  127. deenaremiel says:

    Just a lovely reminder that all commenters are receiving a personal message from me through the email. That’s why you may not be seeing here much at all. 🙂 Love to you all!

  128. SarahM says:

    I’d ask what heaven is like 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

    smaccall AT

  129. Ann Charles says:

    Deena, I can’t wait to read the Brethren books! I’m prepping my kindle for the road trip to Deadwood and am excited to escape into your book. Much tour love and luck to you!!


  130. Tammy Baker says:

    “Wow, they are real!”

  131. Roxs says:

    “Am I dreaming?”

    roxburysnoopy-blogtourdeforce AT

  132. Tammy Bulkley says:


    They are my kind of angels!!! Can’t wait!!!
    Getting Kindle cleared for downloads now..LOL

    1. Tammy Bulkley says:

      I would have to say ” Do all angels look like greek gods? All yummy and hard looking…” Of course only if it was one of your angels.

      1. deenaremiel says:

        Heck yeah, Tammy!!!! LOL

  133. Theresa M says:

    If the angel looked anything like yours, I wouldn’t be able to get much out!! lol

  134. Does toast land jelly side down where you’re from? >:)

    1. deenaremiel says:

      It lands on any side you wish it to! Ha!

  135. desiree says:

    i can say i seen angles and it was my aunt and i was telling her i wanted her back with us

  136. paula poindexter says:

    Will you please watch over my family and keep them safe from harm.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  137. desiree says:

    i for got the email it and i believe in spirits and ghost

  138. Hi Deena,
    Just stopping by to show my fellow Menage a Blog peeps some support.

    If one of your angels appeared before me, my first words would be. “Man, I hope I can be forgiven for what I’m about to do” lol *wink wink*

    1. deenaremiel says:

      That’ what I’m talkin’ about! You go girl!! LOL Thanks for stopping by!

  139. If an angel appeared before me, I think my first reaction would be “Whoa.” I love love love angels, fallen or otherwise. In fact, they are my favorite supernatural/paranormal creature. I think I would be stuttering in excitement too much to ask an actual question, but I think I’d eventually come to ask this “How do you sleep with those wings coming out of your back?!” Ha!

    ohmorningglow AT aol DOT com

  140. smiling_ina says:

    Oh wow, if I ever were to meet an actual angel, I think it would just render me speechless – and believe me that doesn’t happen very often. 🙂

    Thanks for this amazing tease!!!

    smiling_ina at yahoo dot de

  141. veronica brickel says:

    If a Brethren, I’d ask for his 24/7 protection, anywhere and everywhere I happen to be.
    If a Touched by an Angel, I’d ask if all the choices I’ve made throughout my life have led me in the right direction.

    Love your post. It is the best of the three!

  142. Ania says:

    I don’t know what I’d say! Maybe something totally inappropriate like, “Holy shit!”

    FatesTwists AT yahoo DOT com

  143. LT says:

    If a Brethren Angel appeared to me.. I would hope he was Angel to keep..

    1. deenaremiel says:

      I’d let you keep him! 😉

  144. lindy says:

    I’d ask if there’s any sort of extra credit available for getting through those pearly gates. Good luck on the tour, Deena!!

  145. Rachel says:

    If an angel appeared before me I would probably say something stupid like, “Are you for real?” Look forward to reading your book.

  146. Rachel says:

    Oops forgot my email! Here it is. Thanks!

  147. Once I regained use of my voice I would probably pull a Glenda the good witch and ask “are you a bad angel or a good angel?” and take it from there.


    readergirls(at)gmail(dot) com

  148. Randie says:

    I would probably pinch myself first to check if I was dreaming. Then I would ask for health and happiness for my family.

    Looking forward to reading your books!

  149. I feel very teased
    thanks deena
    jokestner at yahoo dot com

  150. LizzieBeth says:

    If I an angel were to appear before me, I’d ask him if there really is a heaven, but most of all I’d ask him to keep my family safe.

  151. Amanda Chesshir says:

    I have no clue what I would ask! I would be too stunned! Don’t worry about a code, already have the book.
    Amanda Chesshir

  152. Amy says:

    If an angel appeared before me, I would honestly be too shocked to speak. Especially if it’s a smexy male angel. I’d be too busy gaping at their gorgeous bodies. After I regained my senses, I’d ask the angel what his powers are and does he consort with mortal women LOL 😉


  153. Can’t wait to read about your steamy angels! If one of them appeared in front of me, I’d have to pick my bottom jaw off the ground and roll my tongue back up! LOL!

    But if it was a “regular” angel, I’d probably say, “Please, please, please tell me you’ve come to give me a new body!!!” I have terrible knees, ankles, and a bad back and am patiently waiting the day they invent full body transplants!!

    From the synopsis of your book, I’m looking forward to getting lost in your book and get “touched by an angel” 🙂 😛 :O

    missyebookmail AT mediacombb DOT net

  154. Definetly cant wait to get touched by your angels !! ** lol **
    If I saw an angel Id ask them how my dad and little sister where :O) Happy in Heaven id hope 😉
    Then id get down to the good stuff ** Show me ur …….. wings ! Stroke them and then – Lets fly away !! ** grins ** a tour der france !! maybe !
    Love the cover ** Im a cover love kinda girl and these def caught my eye !! Loved the excerpt ! I have brought Trinity !! and once my review pile is gone Im onto it !! Great blog tour !!


    ** ps I already have Bethren Beginnings 😉 just popping by to show the love !

  155. JessS says:

    I have no idea! I’d be totally awestruck. I’d probably ask all those boring questions, like, what are you? what are you doing? Oh my god are they really wings? et cetera.
    I’d *like* to ask what angels actually do, and which mythology “got it right” so to speak.


  156. Congratulations Deena! Woo-hoo! 🙂 And thanks for choosing me for your cover 🙂

    Jimmy Thomas – RNC

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Thanks Jimmy! There’s no one else I could even dream up to represent all of my angels except for you. 😀 You’re gonna make some woman very happy when she receives the gift basket and YOUR signed calendar in it! 😀 Your support of me and the Brethren is wonderful! Hugs to ya!

      Everyone else, GO TO JIMMY’S WEBSITE and get yourselves pictures of your own for your covers, or just make a Jimmy Thomas album of photos. 😉

  157. Bonnie says:

    Your angels sound naughty. Naughty, but of the good type!

    For the question: I’m a big sceptic of anything otherwordly showing up anywhere so I’m sure it wouldn’t be anything more exciting then ‘Excuse me, but what are you doing here?” Yes, exciting.

    Posted on Vampires, Werewolves & Fairies, Oh my!

    Good luck to you!

  158. Marta says:

    Oh my… I doubt I would be able to saying anything, I’d swoon on the spot and had to be reanimated… which probably wouldn’t be a bad experience 😀

    Good luck on the tour!

    Marta (mpa931 at

  159. Shannon J. says:

    Well I’d probably be a nervous wreck so hopefully they would talk first. But probably ask what they want or what was happening? or if they came from heaven and how is my mom?!! 🙂

  160. Shannon J. says:

    Well I’d probably be a nervous wreck so hopefully they would talk first. But probably ask what they want or what was happening? or if they came from heaven and how is my mom?!! 🙂

  161. Allyson says:

    If an angel appeared before me, I’d ask how one becomes an angel. Was the angel once a person? Or just something else entirely??

    Can’t wait to read your book! Thanks! allyreads81 at gmail dot com

  162. Kim620 says:

    What would I say? I can honestly say I would be dumbstruck. After drooling and ogling I would probably start a list of questions first being “Were you always an angel?”

    On another note I have had you on the top of my “tbr” pile and this is the perfect way to get me sucked in. I can’t wait. Some likes Vamps and Weres I have a thing for Angels (good and bad)

    Thank you.

  163. deenaremiel says:

    GOOOOOD morning, all! If you received this coupon code: LP53W and haven’t retrieved BB yet, it has expired! 😦 I HAVE A NEW CODE FOR YOU! Email me, I will gladly give it to you! 😀 😀

  164. Robin Parrish says:

    Are you real? LOVE LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!!

  165. Julie S. says:

    Very interesting question. I don’t really know if I could think of a good answer off the top of my head at such an event, but I would probably ask what I could do to make certain things better and easier.

  166. Amanda says:

    I would have to totally agree with Stephanie Overton’s response! Oh and add in a clean house and we have a deal!

  167. Obretin Mihaela Florentina says:

    Hi Deena!! Can’t wait to read these books. And to answer your question…I think i’ll ask to go back in time to the moment my father past away so I’ll have the chance to say good-bye.
    My e-mail is

  168. Chris Bails says:

    If it was one of the Brethren angels i would be too busy checking them out. From your book covers they are gorgeous. I would ask them to feel their wings to see if they were real. I don’t know if I would say much, but I know what I would love to do. Too many dirty thoughts to post. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.

  169. Babs says:

    If an Angel came down to me I would ask how my 2 children are and to please to tell them I love them.

    Bhitwr at gmail dot com

  170. Reanna says:

    If one of the angels that was sent to me to fan me off a few weeks back comes back to my door the first thing I would say is Lets go I’m ready are you ^_~. Where we going today? :)~

  171. Kanya Chhet says:

    I would ask him (or her?) to keep an eye on my children.
    Thanks for the free copy of Brethren Beginnings! I hope I’m not too late…

  172. Heather says:

    My first thought would be “Are those real feathers?” then probably “Oh crap did I say that out loud?”

  173. P Lichen says:

    I’d ask “Where’s Dexter?”

  174. Elaine Raterman says:

    I think I would be too stunned to ask or say anything useful if an angel appeared before me, however I would love to read your book.

  175. karysafaire says:

    “I’ve died, right?”

    I’m so excited to read this!

  176. Michelle McMichael says:

    I would have to ask if My Gran’s ok

  177. Joni G. says:

    Depends on the angel. I would probably say something stupid like, “So you do exist?”

  178. Rhonda Laney says:

    I probably faint. but I would listen.

  179. nikki says:

    It would depend on just how hot he was and why he came:) So I would have ask what he reaaally wanted? LOL!

  180. So many choices

    1) Can I touch?

    2) CanI touch and I don’t just mean the wings!

    3) You seen the film Dogma? Please confirm or deny any scenes that have any basis in fact.

  181. Also ould ask why white? is there a rule somewhere where you can’t have any other coloured wings? Why not..rainbow. Rainbows are awesome aren’t they?

    Also I’m hoping I’m not too late to win a copy of your book they look like something I would enjoy. Sorry about lateness, first blog tour I’ve been on and catching up

  182. Heather says:

    I want to be touched by a angel, lol. This book sounds great and will most likely keep me up all night 🙂

  183. Heather says:

    Oops, I meant teased (hehe). See I wanted to go for the real thing and be touched not just teased then left hanging 🙂 Oh, and for the question, I think everyone would be in agree with me that no matter who you are, your going to be standing there (incredulous), with your mouth haning open, asking if this is all real.

  184. Calophi says:

    I know I’m a day late but I’m trying anyway. 🙂

    calophi AT ripitgood DOT net

  185. If one of Brethren Beginning’s angels appeared before me I would be forced to ask him if he wanted a jacket.

  186. Calophi says:

    Sorry. I totally missed the question and I thought we were supposed to take the quiz on facebook to enter. 🙂

    I never thought about what I’d ask an angel before because I don’t really believe in them. I haven’t had enough bad experiences to want to ask why bad things happen to good people or anything like that.

    I think if one of YOUR angels came down, it looks like I’d have to ask if my fiance could be included in this message about God loving me, hahaha!

    1. Calophi says:

      Ah, damn. The quiz was another blog. I get so confused. 🙂

  187. Can he fly me around and are they able to have an intimate relation with a human woman and father an offspring/child? I’d love an Angel lover..especially your sexy one..LOL
    Thanks for the opportunity…. 🙂
    I hope I get an E-book does this put me in the drawing for a Kindle?….

  188. Vicki Keire says:

    Ooh, good question. I’m going to assume he’s one of the Brethren. I’d want to know what he thought about mankind, and why he chose to be a high school principal when he could have had a much more glamorous job? Of course, hopefully your book will answer all these questions for me!
    Awesome tour! Good luck with the rest of it!
    Vicki Keire
    vickikeire (at) gmail (dot) com

  189. Umm…I’d probably say something stupid like “Am I gonna die now?” or “Do you really have wings?” I’m hoping it’s a really hot naked guy. 🙂 Then I can proceed to feel him up.

    Thank you so much for offering the ebook.
    Lindadao2060 at yahoo dot com

  190. Judy Cox says:

    If one of your Angel’s appeared, I would probably stand there with my jaw at my feet, and if a regular Angel appeared before me I would surely faint, even though people tell me it is a very peaceful feeling!! Then I would peacefully faint:) Your books look great.


  191. CG says:

    I might be in shock and say something stupid like “so how’s the big guy upstairs doing?”*lol*

  192. I would have to say “Thank goodness for that I was sure I was destined to go to hell!”

  193. Deena Remiel says:

    So, many of you are digging my angels. I’m thrilled! Just a little note that today I released another short romantic suspense novella called, Picture Perfect. No angels this time, but there’s a handsome Jimmy Thomas on the cover, and he’s the muse for the story on the inside. It’s available now from and Only $2.99 🙂

  194. Silvia Viana says:

    Can you take me back in time so that I can fix something stupid I did and that I regret to this day ?

  195. Ruby M says:

    If one of Your angels appeared, I’d be shocked speechless…. or just stand there gawking and enjoying the view.

  196. Bonnie Pietruch says:

    Can’t believe I missed day 1, but love the tour and had to check them all out. One of your angels would ultimately leave me speechless. The appearance of another angel would make me pinch myself and ask if it was my time, would I see those I love and miss that went before me..
    Thanks for taking part in this tour….

  197. jennifer mathis says:

    the angel would be there to tell me I’ve been a bad girl

  198. Nicole Hicks says:

    Oh oh oh oh oh! Enter me! Free Kindle? Hehehe I know some people who want noe and can’t afford them, so that would be a double w00t for winning it and being able to pass on the love. As for the question? Well…if it were a “normal” angel (wow that sounds weird lmao) I would ask about the afterlife to sate part of my curiosity… If it were one of the Brethren? Well… after the dropped jaw and wiping away drool, I would ask if any were looking for their perfect mate and were taking applications. ^-^

  199. I’d most likely be standing there drooling if the angel looks anything like this cover and then probably get in trouble for asking to touch his wings!!…LOL

  200. krissie says:

    If ever I see an Angel, I will ask what heaven is like and if I can touch an Angel. I would love to read your book.! Thanks so much

  201. Lisa Wright says:

    Can I pick which angel..because if its Gabriel then I’d ask him to show me heaven *winks*

  202. Joder says:

    If the angel in front of me were your kind of angels I’d ask what a sexy thing like them were doing in a boring rural town like this? If it were the sappy angel variety then I’d ask if there’s lots of famous people in heaven.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  203. latishajean says:

    If an angel appeared before me I would ask are you my guardian Angel ! I look forward to reading Brethren Beginnings. Thank you so much!

  204. Robin D says:

    I would ask what they were there to do.

    Robin D
    robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

  205. Kirsty Haining says:

    Hi, Deena –

    I think I found the right blog post this time ’round. If an angel were to appear before me, I’d probably be so flabbergasted I’d say something really brilliant like “Are you for real??”

    Kirsty Haining
    Seattle, WA


  206. Becca says:

    I love Touched By an Angel and I’m sure I would love your book also. Can’t wait to get a copy. Thank you!

  207. “Are you employed by Heaven or Hell?”

    Thanks for the freebie!

    mr.boardgame AT yahoo DOT com

  208. Margay says:

    I think I’d want to know how my loved ones are doing, whether they’re being watched over by a higher power.


  209. Bella says:

    Ooh, if one of your angels appeared, I’d want to know how long he could stay and if he brought a friend 🙂

    Thanks for the awesome blog tour!

    b42bella @ gmail (dot) com

  210. Fran Coleman says:

    I would ask:do u scoop litter box’s 😉 ?
    tyvm for the book and chance for goodiesツ at gmail .com

  211. m. alejandra says:

    if a brethren angel appeared before me… id have to believe there is a god.

  212. Fedora says:

    So, what do you know about the second coming?

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  213. joannie sparks says:

    hi thanks i would ask first is he for real and would he take me back with him. thanks for the giveaways and i hope you get alot more joannie

  214. Amanda Wimer says:

    Does stuttering count as talking? Cause I think that would be all I would be able to produce! =)

    iarvd AT yahoo DOT com

  215. Teresa Kleeman says:

    Hi Deena,
    *If an angel appeared before you, what would you say or ask?* I would honestly asked him or she did I piss off God and are they here to punish me? I always automatically think the worst when someone says I need to talk to you.

    Teresa K.

  216. Lily Kwan says:

    I would ask what God was really like.

  217. Sandy Lion says:

    I would ask the angel if I could stroke his wings.

  218. Renee Rearden says:

    I would ask what took so long for my angel to appear!


  219. Heather says:

    This is the first blog tour I’ve followed and sad to say I found it so late I didn’t make it through the whole thing. I was impressed with the sites I did make it to and don’t want to miss another.

    If one of your angels came to me, I don’t think I’d be able to find my voice to ask a question, but I’d be sending up a prayer for my good fortune. 😉

  220. Erika says:

    You spoil us Deena!! ❤
    OH, and I might ask an angel to 'show me a piece of heaven' *wags brows*

  221. deenaremiel says:


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